10 Best (Free & Safe) Putlocker Alternatives in 2020

Free streaming sites are an easy target of hosting companies and law enforcement as they get taken down frequently. Putlocker isn’t left out of this and it can be frustrating to know that your favorite free streaming platform isn’t working anymore. But not to worry. In this article there you will find that there are a lot of other safe and free Putlocker alternatives for your pleasure.

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1 . Best Alternatives to Putlocker That Are Available Right Now

2. Why You Need to Use A VPN with Free Streaming Sites

3. Top VPN Services for Free Streaming Websites

4. FAQ

A problem with free streaming sites is that your privacy isn’t assured and you could be at risk of a security breach too. Many sites like this are traps set by hackers to catch their unsuspecting victims who are looking for the latest movies and shows. These hackers aim at stealing users’ data or money.

You can prevent such attacks by using a VPN as the software would hide your location and encrypt your data. You also get to enjoy faster streaming as your ISP won’t be able to keep tabs on your activity.

Best Alternatives to Putlocker That Are Available Right Now

1. 123Movies – Largest Library Collection

Putlocker Alternatives_123 movies

Being the largest streaming library on this list, 123Movies is at the top of our best Putlocker alternatives. Its interface is user friendly, easy to navigate, and well organized to ensure that every user has a great experience on the site. The name suggests that it’s a great choice for movies, but it does even more. You get a large selection of live-action shows including top western hits, Asian drama, and cartoons. There is a large selection of anime to choose from.

If you don’t have any specific movie or show in mind, you can sort them alphabetically, by the year of release, or by the number of views so you can easily find something you may want to watch. There isn’t any need to sign up, it’s free and unlike most free streaming sites, the ads are not as annoying.

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The major drawback of 123Movie is its poor search function. This isn’t a big issue and there are many pros to outweigh this con, making it one of the best alternatives to Putlocker.

2. Popcornflix – Very Compatible with Mobile Devices

Putlocker Alternatives_popcornflix

This is another free streaming site that has a huge collection of popular movies; you won’t find any shows here. There are different genres of movies available, so no matter what your predilections are you will find something that suits your taste. Apart from getting newly released hits here, you can also get classics on this platform.

Popcornflix allows you to easily navigate through its different movies category so that even if you haven’t made up your mind on a movie to see, you can surf through and make your choice. If you wish to stream using a mobile device, Popcornflix is a go as its highly optimized for mobile as well as for desktop.

3. SolarMovie – Easy Navigation

Putlocker Alternatives_solar movies

SolarMovie is one of the best free streaming sites out there and yet it’s only known by a few. Unlike its name suggests, it goes beyond offering new and classic movies, to offering TV shows too.

They have well-organized categories and a great search function that allows you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. The website design is truly amazing and neat; devoid of distractions.

There are different ways you can filter content on this site; by IMDb rating, most viewed, trending, and even by the highest user-rated. This feature improves user experience and makes it more convenient for your use.

You don’t have to sign up, but registering gives you added features like being able to requests for contents you’d like to see. You can also save your streaming preferences so you can easily access them later. This site has so many good sides and its greatest pitfall is that its content catalog isn’t as large as others.

4. Los Movies – Best for International Content

Putlocker Alternatives_los movies

Los Movies is another great platform that offers you a large collection of movies and TV shows for you to stream for free. It has a huge collection of international content and so if you love foreign movies and TV shows, prepare to be dazzled. You will get the foreign content in their original languages, and some of them come with subtitles.

You can search or group content based on the date added release date, rating, and a lot more. From the homepage, you will see the trending content at the time so you can make your pick from there or other groupings. If you have a movie or show in mind, you can make use of the search bar to find exactly what you want.

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A downside to Los Movies is the huge number of ads that pop up. To use this site without the discomfort of multiple ads, make use of a VPN that offers adblocking.

5. Fmovies –  Best Search Function

Putlocker Alternatives_fmovies

You will enjoy using this site as the layout and design are unique and user friendly. The homepage has a simple and minimalistic design that works perfectly for those who get overwhelmed by busy screens with so much going on.

Its best feature has to be a great search function. This way if you have a specific movie in mind you can easily find it here. Movies can also be sorted into various categories and it’s useful if you don’t have anything in mind. You can search for a movie to watch by its genre, most-watched, and recently added.

6. GoMovies – User Friendly

Putlocker Alternatives_gmovies

GoMovies have two different homepage layouts for you to choose from, depending on what works for you. The default homepage is simple, free from clutter, and has a search function. You will also find a button to take you to the old layout of the site which is the best for those who haven’t made up their minds on the content to stream. You can sort movies here by rending, IMDb rating, and also most viewed.

GoMovies has a beautiful night mode feature that switches the site to a dark-colored theme and is perfect for late-night movies.

7. MoviesJoy – Lots of US Content

Just like other great Putlocker alternatives, MoviesJoy has a search bar at its homepage so you can easily find the movies or TV shows of your choice. The platform is also frequently updated with new content and has few ads bugging you when compared to most free movie streaming platforms.

If you are looking for foreign movies and drama here, you would be disappointed but MoviesJoy makes up for this by providing you with a large collection of US content. So if you are looking for a US movie, you will find it here. Its layout is beautiful and easy to navigate, and it’s also compatible with mobile devices.

AZMovies has a large number of links for each movie title. If you come across a link that doesn’t work, you’ll find another link that works. It also loads quickly and has a simple and straightforward interface. You even stream HD content with little buffering.

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A downside to this platform however is its homepage layout. It’s cluttered and rife with many ads.

9. Yes! Movies – Gives You Great Documentaries

Even though Yes! Movies don’t have as much content when compared to some sites on this list, you can be sure to get exciting new movies and TV Series here. There is also some great content in unique categories which includes several documentaries that can be difficult to find in other free streaming platforms.

The web design is amazing, and navigation is easy so you can easily sort through the videos and make a pick. The default homepage focuses on a search bar, but you can switch this and sort out your videos by their IMDb ratings or by their categories.

10. Watch Series Online – Good for TV Shows

If you have a TV series in mind and are unable to find it on other sites, chances are your search would be over here. Watch Series Online offers a great collection of TV shows with all their seasons and episodes. There are multiple mirrors offered and you will find at least one working link.

There is a “content at random” feed on the homepage that allows you to randomly discover new shows you can follow. What’s more? The shows are available in HD.

The major problem you might find using this site is the number of ads you will encounter as you try to stream.

Why You Need to Use A VPN with Free Streaming Sites

Free video streaming sites constantly change domains as they get taken down constantly. This change makes it a risk to the user as there is no guarantee that the site will remain safe even if it used to be. It’s also highly probable that you will visit a fake site run by hackers and attackers who are after your personal information and account details.

One of the risks involved with free streaming sites is that they don’t host their content. They rather act as indexes and provide you with links to the contents you want to watch. So when you click on the link, you leave the site and have no knowledge where you are directed to.

Another negative aspect of the use of free streaming sites is that they are loaded with ads and pop-ups that are very intrusive. You can always try to avoid clicking on them but it’s difficult and makes your experience poor. You may end up mistakenly clicking on a link that would lead to a malicious site, or you may click on a link that was supposed to engage streaming but rather ends up with malicious pop-ups that would infect your computer.

There are a lot of cyber threats on free streaming websites and the use of a VPN is the best way to avoid the attacks and stay secure. The following are what using a VPN does for you:

1. Your Sensitive Information Remains Private

Most free streaming sites lack the necessary security to protect users and encrypt their data, so anyone who is listening can easily intercept your requests, get your IP address and location as well. With a VPN, your internet connection would be routed through a secure and heavily encrypted tunnel provided by the service so that your information and activity remain safe from prying eyes.

Some content on free streaming websites are illegal to be watched in some places, and viewing such may have legal consequences. With a VPN, you remain anonymous as you make use of a new IP address that doesn’t give your real location. Other features that work to help you are leaking protection and encryption.

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3. You Can Have Access to Geo-Blocked Content

There is some content that you may be restricted from viewing by your ISP, government or even school or place of work. Using a VPN to connect will lift off the restriction and allow you to have access by giving you a new IP address.

4. Prevents Malware and Blocks Ads

Some VPN service has extra security features that protect their users by blocking out malware, and intrusive ads that may be malicious. Such VPN services are very important when visiting free streaming websites as they have lots of ads and are not completely safe.

Top VPN Services for Free Streaming Websites

1 .LimeVPN – Heavy Encryption, Security, and Fast Speed

  • Provides up to 10 Gbps high speed for streaming
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • NAT firewall and wifi protection
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • 24/7 live human support
  • 8 VPN protocols available
  • No logs policy
  • DNS leak protection feature
  • Compatible with most devices and browsers and is easy to install and set up
  • Offers DDoS protection
  • Can be used together with Tor

First on our list is LimeVPN and it has earned this position because it gives you security, convenience, speed, and privacy. Most VPNs are slow because of tunneling and encryption and it makes them not suitable for streaming videos. That’s not the case with LimeVPN as they offer you great speed so you can stream seamlessly and have a great time.

You have seen that hackers are active on free streaming websites to steal your data and infect your device with malicious software. You will stay protected even as you surf these websites because LimeVPN takes your security seriously and provides you with a NAT firewall that prevents hackers from exploiting any loopholes.

To ensure that your data and other information remain secure and away from the prying eyes of hackers that may be present, you get the full 256- bit encryption with a 2048-bit key. This is the highest type of encryption you can get and it’s more secure than the 128-bit encryption most VPN services offer.

Whenever you need assistance, help is always available. You can choose to reach out and lay your complaint via email, live chat, or voice call.

VPN protocols dictate the level of encryption between devices, and LimeVPN offers you up to 8 different protocols. So you will be getting different levels of encryption and authentication all to ensure safety, speed, and a stable connection. The no-logs policy they adhere to is an assurance that you are truly anonymous and your privacy is the priority.

2. NordVPN – Has a Built-in Ad Blocker

  • Its Cybersec suite blocks ads, malware, and trackers
  • 24/7 live support
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Kill switch feature
  • No logs policy
  • Compatible with a lot of devices and browsers
  • Works with different video streaming platforms

NordVPN is packed with a lot of interesting features that aim to improve your browsing experience and ensure your online security stays intact. You have malware protection and an ad blocker so that when you are on free streaming sites, you will not come across those intrusive pop-ups.

Connecting to this VPN service encrypts your request and data and protects it from spying eyes with AES 256 encryption and SHA 256 authentication. This high level of encryption is the same one used by the government and banks to protect data.

The DNS and IPv6 leak protection, together with the kill switch protects your browser or device from leaking any information that could compromise your privacy and security if the VPN gets compromised. No logs are kept, meaning that there isn’t any history of your activities stored on the server. So no one can view what you do; not even the VPN service provider.

All of NordVPN’s servers are high speed and in over 58 countries. So no matter where you are, you will find a nearby server to ensure you get the best speeds. So you can enjoy fast streaming and access geo-blocked content too without sweating. Its advanced obfuscation setting also allows you to escape censorship in school or at work, and also a government-enforced restriction to online activities.

There is a 24/7 live support that is always ready to help you if you have any problems. You can try out NordVPN for 30 days and if you are unsatisfied, get your money back.

3. ExpressVPN – For Fast and Reliable Streaming

  • Fast internet connection
  • Has a network lock feature
  • No logs policy
  • 24/7 live support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with several streaming services
  • Compatible with many devices and browsers

With ExpressVPN, you can be sure that your internet connection is anonymous, secure, and fast so you can stream without buffering. Its interface is modern and easy to use, so even if you have no experience with VPNs, you will understand this. You can either choose the default security settings, or customize your connection, but either way expects nothing less than the best.

It offers you DNS/IPv6 leak protection feature and a kill switch that puts off your internet connection if your VPN connection drops and your privacy and security is compromised. This way, no data is leaked and you remain safe and secure. To ensure that hackers don’t get anything useful out of your data, it’s heavily encrypted with AES-256 encryption, and your encryption key is changed regularly with Perfect Forward Security.

Your online activities will remain private thanks to their strict no-logs policy. No one, not even the VPN service provider can have access to your online history as every data is wiped after every reboot. If you have any issues and need immediate assistance, you can count on ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live support.

4. CyberGhost – User Friendly

  • Has an inbuilt ad blocker
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic kill switch
  • 24/7 live chat customer service
  • Works with many available online streaming platforms
  • It’s compatible with all operating systems and most browsers

For those who are no tech-savvy and need something easy to use without having to go through a lot of setting up procedures, CyberGhost is the service for you. This doesn’t mean that there are no advanced options you can alter, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to or know how to. By default, your security and privacy are assured.

To ensure your data remains safe and useless to hackers if they happen to intercept it, CyberGhost uses a robust AES 256 encryption. There is also a DNS leak protection feature, and an automatic kill switch to prevent your data from leaking. There are a lot of servers spread around the world, so you can easily find one close to you no matter your location. This is important because the closer you are to the selected server, the faster would be your internet connection.

CyberGhost is also very useful for you on free streaming sites because of its adblocker feature. This prevents pop-ups from bugging you and reduces the chances of mistakenly clicking on a malicious pop up that can lead you to a website infected with malware. It also reduces loading time and buffering delay as the page doesn’t have to load all those heavy ads.

If you are going to a website that may contain malicious software, the app stops you automatically, saving you from traps set by hackers. It’s very convenient for your use as you can connect up to 7 devices at once without having to pay extra. If you need support, there is a 24/7 live support always available to assist you. You can test this VPN service without fear as they give you a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


1. Are The Reviewed Putlocker Alternatives Safe?

The putlocker alternatives reviewed here are safe for now but there is no saying what will happen in the future. They could become dangerous and laden with malware and spyware and that’s why you need to always use a VPN just to ensure you are safe no matter what.

It all depends on your location, and the content you are streaming. It’s illegal in some countries to stream copyrighted movies and shows for free due to strict licensing laws. There is however a lot of content on some sites that offer you free content that you can view legally.

3. What Should I Look Out for and What Should I Avoid in A Free Streaming Site?

What you should look out for are the number of ads and the webpage design. The best sites minimize the number of ads and other pop-ups that bug you, and they make use of uncluttered designs, integrate search functions in the webpages, and have fast loading times. A free streaming site that isn’t out to cause any harm to you wouldn’t ask you for any upgrade or payment information.

Also, look out for the requirements when registering. You would be asked to provide basic information and not sensitive data. So be careful not to provide any data that will compromise your security.


These Putlocker alternatives are safe and secure, offering you great user experience too. But they are free streaming sites and there is always a risk associated with the use of these. To ensure that you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without compromising your security or privacy, you need to make use of the best VPN service that can protect you from malware and also protect your privacy.