How to watch Sling TV it outside US with a VPN?

sling tv outside us

Sling TV certainly managed to preserve that good old feeling of watching television instead of the internet. Although many things that we watch, such as TV shows and movies, end up available for streaming on the rapidly growing networks such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, there is still room for live events and sports matches that are best seen on the TV.

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1. Sling TV and VPN – how to combine them?

2. How to use Sling TV with Android system?

3. How to use Sling TV with iOS?

4. Sling TV blackouts – how to bypass them?

5. What kind of things can you watch on Sling TV?

6. What can you use instead of a Sling TV?

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to live in the US, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Sling TV. However, if you currently reside outside the borders of US, you will stumble upon a „not available in your country“ obstacle. In fact, you will not be able to access the website of Sling TV at all, because your IP address is probably banned from accessing that website.

Instead of contemplating the reasons why this happens, let’s take a look at how we can use VPN as a solution to this problem.

Sling TV and VPN – how to combine them?

In order to be able to watch Sling TV, you need to connect to a VPN service provider, and make an account on their website. Another useful thing about VPN provider is that it can change your IP address completely and, thus, mask your identity and make you completely anonymous.

Therefore, if you are not on American soil at the moment and you still want to watch Sling TV, a VPN will give you this opportunity by changing your IP to American IP. This will enable you to access the website without any obstacles.

The process of installing a VPN is not difficult as long as you closely follow the instructions. However, if your Sling TV is installed on one of the devices that are not quite compatible with a VPN, such as Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku, you will have to follow additional instructions for it.

There are certain additional options that can help you with installing a Sling TV on one of the aforementioned devices. Apart from the direct VPN install, you can also consider installing a VPN directly to your Wi-Fi router.

How to use Sling TV with Android system?

In order to install Sling TV on Android, you need to Sign up for a VPN service first. This way, if you are out of the US, you will be able to watch Sling TV even on your smartphones and tablets that use Android OS.

The process of installing includes downloading OpenVPN client from the app store. When you download and install OpenVPN for Android on your device, take a look at the more detailed instructions on how to completely finish the installation process of LimeVPN.

After installing the VPN, you need to completely clear the data from your Google play store by going to Settings -> Applications -> Google Play Store. Once you enter there, click on “Clear all data” and wait a bit. Afterwards, you will be able to enter Play Store and find and download Sling TV.

How to use Sling TV with iOS?

Apple products also cannot work with Sling TV if you are outside of US. In order to make them work, you need to slightly modify your Apple ID. In fact, you can make a completely new Apple ID and it is very important to set that you are in US, regardless of the fact that you live in another country. Also, take into account that if you are connected or subscribed to local apps, you will not anymore be.

Once you register yourself as a resident of the US you will be able to find and download Sling TV. However, in order to be able to stream the program offered by Sling, you will still need a US IP address which can be given to you if you opt to use a VPN.

Sling TV blackouts – how to bypass them?

Sling TV is sometimes tricky even if you are in the US. They tend to have a TV program blackout for the certain states while it is fully available in other states. These blackouts often happen due to the certain laws or the rights holders. However, this should not represent a problem for you if you had installed a VPN. The only thing that you should do is choose an IP from a place where the program is available and you will be able to continue to watch it.

What kind of things can you watch on Sling TV?

The whole list of channels and benefits offered by Sling TV will surely provide hundreds of hours of fun for people outside of US, when used with a VPN. Apart from the interesting channels, you can also rewind your program up to past seven days on certain channels.

What can you use instead of a Sling TV?

The only thing that can compete with Sling TV currently is PlayStation Vue. What makes it different is the mere price of the basic plan which is $40. However, for that price, you will be able to watch more than 60 channels.

What makes Sling TV better than Vue is the fact that it can be installed on more devices. For example, Vue cannot be installed on desktop computers at all. It is strictly limited to PS3, PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku. It can also be installed on smartphones but with a significantly lower number of programs to watch.

There is one more reason why Vue is not suitable for travellers – log in always must be done from the home Wi-Fi or you will not be able to log-in at all. In this case, VPN is not a safe option that will allow you to access PlayStation Vue.

To sum up, Sling TV is indeed a helpful tool and many people will enjoy the variety of program that it brings. Sadly, not all of their customers will reside in the US all the time and the need for the alternative ways to access it arose. Luckily for them, VPN providers offered their services to help them overcome this problem.

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