How to Stream the U.S Open with a VPN?

The US open is the most famous and the oldest tennis championships of all time. Unlike the French Open, the US open is a Hard court tennis tournament, It started in 1881 with Men’s Singles.

Since 1987, it became the 4th annual tennis tournament chronologically, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon being the first three.

Us open is held annually, starting from the last monday of August, it continues until the 2nd week of September having a gap in between when Labors day is celebrated. The most interesting fact about US open is that it is the only Grand Slam event that includes Tie-breakers.

The grounds for US open comprises of 22 courts, out of which 4 courts are termed as “ Show courts “ and 13 field courts with 4 practice courts.You should also know that the US open is the only tennis tournament that has been played every year since its existence. The total price money for the complete US open is US $50,400,000, what a huge amount isn’t it ?

And if you are big fan of Tennis, then should not miss out on watching it Live. If you have a VPN then your issue is solved.

Why use a VPN for watching US open ?

In today’s world VPN is mostly used for entertainment and not safety, and such is one use for watching the US Open with a VPN server.

The logic is very simple, If the game is a popular one, you will never want to miss out on it But when countries limit their broadcast of sports or any tournaments to very less regions, there arises the problem.

Wondering How a VPN can help you watch the US open.?


Stream the U.S Open

It is simple, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the most important feature of VPN is the privacy it provides when you are connected to it, However that is not it. VPN also helps you connect to a server in a different country and you can watch any programs live pretending to be a local user. Here’s how to go ahead with it.

Being one of the top events of the year for Tennis, there are multiple options to watch it Live without missing on any matches.

Here are our top picks just for you.

Stream the US open 2018 on ESPN2:

  1. Sign up for a LimeVPN account
  2. Set up LimeVPN on your device based on the OS you are using and the protocol you want to set it up with.
  3. Connect to any server that is from United States.
  4. Open the link and enjoy the matches live ( Note that you may have to enter your US cable providers info o live stream )

Also, You should know that ESPN has promised to provide a Live coverage of 1300 Hrs for all those fans around the world.

Conclusion :

So now that you have so easy steps to watch US open Live, You should not miss out on any game, Make your predictions, Who will win the title this year? Will it be another win for Rafael Nadal, Cheer for your favourite player, Let us hope to see a new champion.


VPN Benefits

Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more.

Don’t let the internet browse you!