How to stream the World Series with a VPN

The annual championship of the major league baseball is back, 2018 is going to be epic.Now the question is how will you watch World Series for free?

This guide is going to truly help you get a month of free streams

A VPN lets you watch sports online

You might have heard this before, a VPN will allow you to connect to a server in a country where the streaming is available, thus enabling you to stream from anywhere in the world.

You can connect to any of the US servers with LimeVPN and enjoy the baseball game.

Stream the 2018 Postseason World Series on Fox

All baseball fans eagerly wait for the World Series and as always Fox is the prominent broadcaster for the game.

Follow the below steps to watch the match on Fox.

  1. Go for LimeVPN subscription
  2. Connect to a US server
  3. Open the Fox website and enjoy the streaming

Watch the World Series 2018 on YouTube TV


World Series

Did you know that YouTube also offers live streaming of the game? At $35/month, you can watch World Series and other contents. You also get 7 days trial period.

To get this running:

  1. Connect to a US server
  2. Open YouTube in incognito or private mode in your browser and get it running

Stream the 2018 World Series on Sling TV

At $25/month Sling TV offers MLB Postseason games as well. It will also offer a 7 days trial period.

Here’s how to get started, assuming you have LimeVPN subscription:

  1. Connect to a USA server
  2. Open Sling TV website
  3. Get hooked

Watch MLS World Series 2018 on PlayStation Vue or Hulu

Vue and Hulu, both have a package of $40/month. While Vue offers 5 days trial period, Hulu will give you 30 days!

To get the streaming running:

  1. Connect to a USA server
  2. Visit PlayStation Vue or Hulu and enjoy

When does the World Series start?

Now you know how and where to watch the streams. As you might have seen, all streaming providers have a free trial, mix them up and watch the series for free. So free trials for over a month, World Series streams is surely going to be fantastic.

The series will start in late October and will end by first week of November.

Stream the World Series live on (international)

Of course, the World Series has fans all over the world waiting to jump into the pool of baseballs games. Fortunately, provides streaming to international fans

Here’s how you can catch your favourite matches with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe for LimeVPN
  2. Connect to a European server
  3. Visit  and go for the international subscription
  4. Now have a blast

Stream the World Series on BT Sport ESPN (UK)

Most of us love British shows and so are always fond of British broadcast. ESPN will be streaming the World Series in Britain and stream online via BT Sport.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Configure VPN on your device
  2. Connect to a UK server
  3. Open and sign in to watch

Better up! Make your world series prediction

World Series win in 2017 was by Astros, defeating Dodgers. Let us know the team you are supporting this series.

Get your VPN and enjoy the streaming.

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