How to use a VPN to watch US open Golf online

The US Open Golf Tournament well know as US open is one of the most famous Golf tournament compared to all the others till date, It is the second among the 4 famous championships for Golf and also is been scheduled in PGA tour and European Tour as well.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) organises the complete event in the mid of June after working on favourable weather conditions so that the final can be played on the 3rd weekend of June which is Father’s day. The US open is the most difficult of all the Golf Championships as the set up is made in such way.

The US Open started on October 4th, 1895 which was played on Newport, Rhode Island with a 9 hole course, the entire competition was played on a single day with 11 contestants.

The tournament was dominated by the Britishers until 1911, which is when a US player won it for the first time, However they continued their winning streak until 1950 after which there was a lot of competition from various countries with South Africa winning it 5 times, It was in 2004-2007 that the title was won consecutively by non-US players.

This season it going to get better as they have planned to design the course and alter them in such a way that the greens will be bumpier, and the rough gets more roughest.

However, As you have a VPN service, streaming the games will be smooth as silk.

A VPN is an easiest way to watch Golf without any hassle :

It is simple, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the most important feature of VPN is the privacy it provides when you are connected to it, However that is not it. VPN also helps you connect to a server in a different country and you can watch any programs live pretending to be a local user. Here’s how to go ahead with it.

Watch the US open Live on Fox Sports Go in the US:


 US open Golf

In North America, US open is broadcasted over Fox Sports. Cable and Satellite subscribers can stream the golf matches using Fox Sports Go, you can stream it via website and also the app.

Here’s how to stream US open with VPN

  1. Sign up for a LimeVPN account
  2. Set up LimeVPN on your device based on the OS you are using and the protocol you want to set it up with.
  3. Connect to any server that is from United States.
  4. Go to the website and use your TV providers details to sign in, Once done you can enjoy the matches live!

Watch the Whole US open live on Sky Sports in UK:

In the United Kingdom, British Sky Sports will be broadcasting US open live,

Here’s how to watch it in 4 easy steps

  1. Sign up for a LimeVPN account
  2. Set up LimeVPN on your device based on the OS you are using and the protocol you want to set it up with.
  3. Connect to any server that is from United Kingdom
  4. Go to the website or simple use the mobile app to get a better experience of viewing online.

Where is the US open 2018 Venue?

The 118th edition of Us open golf championship will be played in Shinnecock Golf club, Shinnecock Hills, New York. This will be the 5th time this location has hosted the US open.

What are the dates for the US Open ?

The US open will be played from June 14th – June 17th, On Day 1 and Day 2 the playtime will commence from 11AM (EST) and 1.30PM on Day 3 and 4.

Spieth, Mcilroy, Rose, who is gonna win ?

Coming to the most interesting part, Who will take the title home this time? Any guesses ? Not to worry as all are in good form, But if you have accurate predictions, then do let us know your pick for the title.

Do write to us in comments with your predictions.


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