Watch the Spanish La Liga live?

If you are a football fan, La liga is not new to you, being one of the most professional football league over the world, La liga has gained huge popularity in Europe, This league is conducted and managed by the National Football professional league which is also known as Liga de Futbal profesional(LFP).

La liga is considered to be the most professional football leagues over the world with an attendance of over 26000 during the 2017-18 season. This is the sixth biggest domestic sports league and the 3rd biggest football league after Bundesliga and the Premier League.

Spanish La Liga

La liga is contested by 20 teams in a season which was started from 1997-98, All over, more than 60 teams have contested in the league from the beginning of time, with which 9 teams have become champions.

Real Madrid has won the league the most number of times and the record is still unbeaten at 33. With Barcelona following its footsteps on 25, you never know how figures can change. La liga started in 1929 and Barcelona won the inaugural title, with a lot of tug of war between Barcelona and Real Madrid from 1950’s to 1990, Barcelona became the most powerful dominating team after 1990 winning 15 titles with Real Madrid having 8 titles. You should not forget that La liga is not only about Real Madrid and Barcelona, it has also had champions like Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Deportivo de La Coruna, In 2010, Atletico Madrid became a very strong team alongside Real Madrid and Barcelona.

According to UEFAs calculations, La Liga has led Europe for the most number of times which is 13 and also given top rated football clubs to the football world which is 21. The most interesting fact is that it’s clubs have won the most number of football league in Europe, Let us have a look at the numbers.

UEFA Champions league – 18

UEFA Europa league – 11

UEFA Super cup – 14

FIFA World cup – 6

La Liga has always given chances to the best performing teams in Europe. It has 2 divisions that decides how the games are played, the Primera Division ( Primary Division ) and the Segunda Division ( Secondary Division ) It is also known that the stages for La liga are decided by the ranking of the teams in both the divisions.

3 bottom most teams from the Primera division are moved to the Segunda division and 2 top most teams from the Segunda division are moved to the Primera division.

Throughout the commencement of La Liga a lot of teams have played won, and lost, this is how the number of clubs changed over years.

     Period ( Years ) No of Clubs
1929-34 10
1934-41 12
1941-50 14
1950-71 16
1971-87 18
1987-95 20
1995-97 22
1997- present 20


The Primera Division is now on top of the UEFA rankings of the European leagues based on the performance ahead of English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, and Germany’s Bundesliga.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are on the list of top 10 successful clubs in European football history. In 2005-06 Barcelona won the champions league and Sevilla won the La Liga which was a double victory only after 1997 which is considered to be very rare in European Football History.  

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As of now, Real Madrid holds the highest championship titles in the history of La Liga, Not to forget the Barcelona is just behind them. It is completely your choice to support the team you want, but make sure you support them till the end.

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