Watch the 2018 French Open live with a VPN

Officially named as French open, This tournament was previously named as Roland-Garros tournament  French Championships began in 1891 which was available only for French Club members, However in 1925 the championship became open to everyone and was also marked as one of the top championship tournaments of all time.

The best part and most important thing that keeps the French open different from other Tennis championships are that this ground is made of clay surface, the speciality being reducing the speed of the balls and increasing the bounce making it different from normal for all the players.

How to watch the French open 2018?

You can watch French open easily if you have an access to it, but the real question is for those who are not able to access. You might have come across issues when you would have wanted to access your favourite movie series and it gave an error that it is not available in your region.

This is due to Geo-Restrictions which are set to your location, But you should always know that it can be bypassed using a VPN. With a VPN connection, you can watch the tournament without any issue and in HD.

Why use a VPN to watch the French Open?

Before we dig in deep into the topic, Let us know the basic of what VPN does and why it has to be used.

VPN is a private network which works just like internet, with the help of internet. It is an encryption on the network making the source and destination as an channel with no way to bypass or intrude.

How to Watch French Open with VPN?


 French Open

27th April 2018, Real Club de Tennis, Barcelona, Spain; Banc Sabadell Barcelona Open Tennis tournament; Rafael Nadal wins his quarter of final watch against Martin Klizan (Photo by Eric Alonso/Action Plus via Getty Images)

In today’s world VPN is mostly used for entertainment and not safety, and such is one use for watching the French Open with a VPN server.

The logic is very simple, If the game is a popular one, you will never want to miss out on it But when countries limit their broadcast of sports or any tournaments to very less regions, there arises the problem.

You can simple connect to a VPN server of that country or any location where the broadcast is legal/allowed and pretend to be a person from that country to stream the video live.

In UK, ITV hold all the broadcasting rights for the telecasts of the tournament, and the best thing is you can watch it for free without any subscription if you a resident of UK. To stream is out of UK, Just follow the below instructions.

  1. Sign up for a LimeVPN account
  2. Set up LimeVPN on your device based on the OS you are using and the protocol you want to set it up with.
  3. Connect to any server that is from United Kingdom
  4. Go to the ITV website or download the  ITV player app as per the OS you are using.
  5. Register for an account, It will ask you for a postal code, Click here for the codes or just enter CH3 5PA

Finally, Navigate to French Open Live stream section and enjoy the game.

There are chances that ITV player may alert or popup a message saying that “ This show/program is restricted in your area “  Do not panic!, Just go to your browser and clear the cookies, or using an extension called “ EditThisCookie

Is there another way to Stream ?

Having a cable or a satellite connection subscription in the US will benefit you, where in you can use the NBC Live Sports Extra App or website to watch French Open live. Just input the Username and password that you use to pay the bill online for the connection.

For Rest of Europe is still the same situation, Those who do not have cable or satellite subscription or access to Eurosport player, VPN is only your saviour. Else, all the programs are Geo-blocked.

Stream the French Open with Safety and Privacy :

Rafael Nadal and Jelena Ostapenko were the winners of the Men and Women Singles Title in 2017, Who will win it this year?

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VPN Benefits

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