Watch the Stanley Cup Finals with a VPN

16 teams competing for the National hockey league playoffs have already begun. The winner gets to hold the Stanley Cup each year, also know as Stovepipe Cup and this years final is scheduled to be in June.

But are you that hardcore hockey fan who is in a country where this major event is not broadcasted. Well, here is some good news, with a VPN you can watch live streaming of Stanley Cup.

Let’s see how can we do this.

Beat the goalie: How VPNs work

You might have heard about ‘virtual private network’ or VPN lately.  It’s actually a very simple tool that enables you to watch videos online that is restricted in your country and help secure your internet connection.

VPN will empower you to browse the web and stream Stanley Cup Finals with added security.

The Stanley Cup Finals are coming

Stanley Cup is one of the oldest existing cups and was started in 1892 as the Dominion Hockey Cup, named after Lord Stanely of Preston. What’s fascinating about this cup is it’s rich tradition which you will not find or will rarely find in any tournament. One of such eccentric tradition is the playoff beard where the male athletes do not shave their bread during the playoffs.

With teams from North America and Canada locking horns for this super league, you do not want to miss it. So here we have put together a streaming guide just for you.

Watch the Stanley Cup Finals live on NBC (USA)


 Stanley Cup Finals

Without a doubt the best channel to watch this tournament is NBC. NBC is showing the 2018 Stanley Cup in the USA and they also live stream this on their website

You can follow the below instructions to stream live on NBC with VPN:

  1. As this is a US channel, you will have to connect to a US LimeVPN server
  2. Once connected, visit Although you don’t need to pay directly you will have to sign in with a US cable subscription
  3. Once logged in, click on Stanley Cup stream and start watching

Watch the Stanley Cup on CBC (Canada)

There is no doubt that Canadians are a super fan of hockey but what if you are travelling away this Hockey season? Don’t worry, LimeVPN has this covered.

Follow these easy steps to watch Stanley cup on CBC:

  1. Connect to a Canadian LimeVPN server
  2. Access on your browser and start streaming. There is no need to sign in.

Penguins again?

Remember the intense 6-game duel of last year? We saw an epic game between Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville PredatorsEventually, the Penguins held the cup beating the Predators.

Which team do you support? Will the Penguins successfully defend their title?

Share your predictions in the comments!

It’s time to set up your VPN and get ready for an intense battle, start streaming 2018 Stanley Cup live.


VPN Benefits

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