Spotify Unblocked: 4 Ways to Access This Digital Music Giant

You can now listen to anything on Spotify.

Wait for it…

You remember when you couldn’t listen to that one song or that podcast just because your country had no access to it, yeah about that, it is now eliminated.

Wait, what if you’re travelling to someplace where Spotify can’t be accessed?

Well, that isn’t an issue either.


When Spotify was released, everyone had it on their phone. The ease, the simplicity to find any podcast you want to hear, or the artists you love became the major reason why today multiple users depend on this application wherever they are.

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But you see, there are still a few places that have not even been introduced to this application, so basically if you go there, you can’t really access it and honestly living in 2020, this can’t even be the problem.

This is exactly why you need to understand that there are ways to resolve this issue. This article can guarantee you that you can for your entire life you can listen to whatever you want on Spotify without any disturbances or interruptions.

This article has covered the vital information you need to get started:

Table of Contents:

1 . What is Spotify?

2. How to unblock songs on Spotify?

3. Top 3 VPN solutions to use with Spotify

Let’s get started:

What is Spotify?

Just brushing the basics.

Spotify is an application that lets you listen to multiple songs and hear podcasts all day long. The signup process is so easy that all you need to do is just sign up and choose the category you wish to hear more from. 

You can choose any song you want to hear be it English or any other language. You can even find songs on the basis of your artists and the list will be in front of you. Spotify is easy, it even lets you save your favourite songs which you can hear whenever you want.

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As stated earlier, not every country has Spotify which means that you could find it difficult to use that application there and even access songs from there. 

And living in 2020 this shouldn’t even be the problem.

Luckily for you, there are 4 ultimate solutions that can help you access this digital music giant.

How to unblock songs on Spotify?

1. Proxy servers

Using a proxy server is your first choice. 

Say you are in a country called A. This country won’t let you access your Spotify music. So what you do is, you will send a request that request will first be received by the proxy server who will then send it to the source you want to access from which in this case is your Spotify application in your own country. Once that request shows that your location is from there, the access will be given immediately.

So after that, you can easily listen to songs from your own Spotify account without any hesitation. Proxy servers do a great job of hiding your IP address and ensuring that you don’t get caught or blocked while conducting this action. 

When investing in a proxy server ensure that you go for one which offers a good number of IP addresses and also who provides good security measures. 

How you can get started with a proxy server:

  • Choose the proxy server provider you want to conduct this action with
  • Type Spotify in the website domain 
  • Select the server and IP address location if given
  • Click ‘Enter’

2. VPN service

Using a VPN service is your second choice.

A VPN offers the same service as what a proxy server does. It ensures that your real identity is not disclosed. The reason why VPNs are great is because they shield your online activities better. They ensure that any browsing activities no matter what connection you use to conduct it is secured at all times. 

Also, VPNs encrypt the web traffic so that users’ identity is not revealed no matter the situation. When investing in a VPN service, ensure it helps you cater to multiple locations, is compatible with the devices you want to use it on, and also the customer support assistance is great in difficult times.

How you can get started with a VPN service:

  • Create a VPN account from the service you’ve chosen
  • Download the application
  • Install the application and log in
  • Select the country that Spotify’s existence is present
  • Connect to the VPN service and get started

3. Web Player

Using a Spotify Web Player is your third choice.

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to get connected with Spotify. You can easily unblock this application without the need of having to download any files on your computer. Also, you will be staying away from the need to get administrator privileges. 

How to get started with a Spotify Web Player:

  • Go to the Spotify Web Player and log in
  • You can immediately get started with the music

4. Change country settings

Making a change in your country settings is the final choice.

You get an option to listen to songs on this application for 14 days after which you need to upgrade it by paying for it. You can do this for a limited time and can make use of such an opportunity for the time being. 

How to change the country settings on your Spotify:

  • Log in your Spotify account
  • Click on ‘Edit’ profile
  • Click on the ‘Country’ option and choose a new one
  • Finally, save it and you can then get started

The above actions will help you experience better Spotify engagements no matter where you are. Personally, we believe that using a VPN service would be great for you to get started because when compared to the rest, the security seems to be well above. 

If you intend to get started with the use of such a secure solution, you can try the below service providers to get started.

Top VPN solutions to use with Spotify

1. LimeVPN

Spotify Unblocked

LimeVpn offers an affordable and pocket-friendly VPN service solution. They are currently offering 50% off on their service, to get started, you can click here.

Best features:

  • 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • Offers 24 VPN locations worldwide
  • Offers over 6000+ IPs
  • Provides 24/7 support to its users


  • No logging policy
  • Provides human assistance round the clock


LimeVPN basic- 50% off- $2.49/monthly, LimeVPN Pro- 50% off- $19.99/month

G2 Ratings:


2. Surfshark

Spotify Unblocked

Surfshark is another VPN service provider that offers multiple features at the rate it offers. It even provides features that a few other VPN service providers don’t offer such as a 24/7 customer support assistance and even an ad blocker option. 

Best features:

  • Offers 15 Netflix libraries and more
  • Provides industry-leading encryption
  • Provides kill switch option where your internet connection will be disabled if your VPN connection drops


  • Prevents any malware or phishing activities
  • With one subscription, you can connect to multiple devices


Get started with $1.99/month

TechRadar Ratings:


3. PIA

Spotify Unblocked

PIA stands for private internet access. It is a VPN service provider that is considered to be the most trusted and secure VPN service.

Best features:

  • Let’s users browse anonymously with a private IP address
  • Provides security even when using Public WIFIs
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth option
  • Provides ad-blocking feature as well
  • Connects up to 10 devices simultaneously


  • Is compatible with any mobile or mobile operating system
  • All downloads conducted by users are in private form only


$11.92/month for all VPN features

Techradar Ratings:


The Bottom Line…

As promised, you can now access your Spotify, no matter the situation.

But before you can head out, let’s take a quick summarization of what you’ve covered n this article:

Key Takeaways:

  • Spotify is an application that lets you listen to multiple songs and even hear podcasts.
  • You resolved the issue for how to unblock songs on Spotify with the 4 solutions which are using a proxy server, VPN service, Spotify web player and changing country settings
  • We also shared our opinion where we believe that using a VPN service would be better
  • The top VPN services you can use are LimeVPN, Surfshark, and PIA

So, tell us what your views on this topic are? Has it ever happened to you when your Spotify account was blocked? Do let us know your opinions. We would like to hear from you.