Step by Step on How to Access More Entertainment On Amazon Prime

From 2014 to 2019, the number of original content produced by amazon prime video almost doubled. This implies that they are a lot of content in this vast library for the public to enjoy but sadly, it isn’t equally available to everyone.

Table of Content

1 . How to Use Amazon Prime VPN?

2. What Are Other Reasons to Use an Amazon Prime VPN?

3. Effects of A VPN On Streaming Quality and Speed

If you find that you are not able to access the content, you are looking for due to your location. Using amazon prime VPN is the solution. The VPN gives you access to contents that are meant for some specific locations as you can connect to any server you want.

How to Use Amazon Prime VPN?

Step 1: Register with LimeVPN

Not all VPNs work with amazon prime but luckily, LimeVPN gives you full access. To register visit LimeVPN and choose a plan.

Step 2: Use The App

After registering, you can make use of the app on your devices.

Step 3: Connect to Any Server Location of Your Choice

The location you choose depends on the content you need. For Amazon US for example, you will need to connect to any of the US servers from LimeVPN. It applies to other libraries you need to access.

If Your VPN Gets Blocked

If amazon prime blocks your VPN, it means that the IP server you are connected to has been blocked. This is especially applicable when you are using a shared IP as streaming services see the traffic from the IP as coming from you. LimeVPN however gives you dedicated IPs so that you get full performance each time.

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If you are using an Amazon prime VPN that has been blocked, try the following:

1 . Clear your browser cache

2. Turn on incognito/private browsing mode

3. Disconnect from the current server

4. Restart the device

5. Connect to another server 

You can contact the customer service team if the problem persists.

What Are Other Reasons to Use an Amazon Prime VPN?


Using an amazon prime VPN is a sure solution to unlocking TV shows and movies that have been blocked due to location. But that’s not all there is to the use of VPNs.

1 . Privacy: connecting to the internet over a VPN makes you anonymous and hides your internet activities from everyone else by allowing you to connect to another IP address. So your ISP, hackers, and even your VPN provider won’t know what you are doing online.

2. Security: a VPN helps you stay safe and protects your data and device from theft and hacks respectively. Your connection goes through an encrypted tunnel and only the intended recipient can decipher it. So you stay safe.

Effects of A VPN On Streaming Quality and Speed


When video streaming is concerned, buffering speed and the available content are two factors you will have to deal with.

As much as VPNs make every content available to you, they slow down your internet a bit. This is because of the heavy encryption they put on your connection for privacy and security. The delay varies and good VPN services only have minimal to no effect on your internet speed. This speed of course is also affected by the distance of the chosen server from your actual location, and also your internet connection.

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If your internet speed is slower due to connection to a VPN, try out the following tips to resolve it:

1 . First, confirm that the lag is caused by a VPN by conducting a VPN speed test

2. Choose a different server location, preferably one that is closer to your actual location

3. Change your VPN protocol. Consider using WireGuard® as it’s considered to be the fastest at the moment.

4. Switch between TCP/UDP and OpenVPN. UDP is faster and preferred when you want to stream videos, while TCP is more reliable even if it’s slower


It’s frustrating when you try to access your favorite movies or TV shows but get the message that says you can’t view the content. Thanks to amazon prime VPN, you can now have access to all libraries including those that are specific to some locations. Apart from the use of a VPN to access geo-blocked content, it can also be used to keep you anonymous and keep your internet activities private. This way your ISP and stalkers wouldn’t know what you are up to. Your data is more secure with a VPN, thanks to the encryption. So in general, your internet life would be better.