Step up the Security of Internet of Things using a VPN service

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Internet itself has become a part of everything that we own. It started with computers, it was introduced to phones and, afterwards, to TV. Now – almost all electrical devices that we buy can be accessed by the internet.

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1 . Privacy concerns on Internet of Things

2. How a VPN can address the Security issues of Internet of Things?

3. Why choose LimeVPN?

All of the things that can be connected to the internet are called now Internet of Things, or IoT abbreviated. However, with new technological advancements that dowell to people there is one that will harm them somehow. Internet of things security risks are known to be the newest threat out there to which people must pay attention

Privacy concerns on Internet of Things

There is an ongoing debate about the security on the Internet of Things. While the vast majority of IT professionals claim that the security levels are high, there are certain individuals who claim that it is never safe enough.

The reason for this claim is rather absurd but correct. When you had your computer hacked back in 2002, it only affected you up to certain extent. However, masses of people remained untouched by this immoral act. On the other hand, imagine someone hacking your car which is connected to the internet. Then imagine someone from a distance taking over the control of your vehicle and there is nothing you can do about it except wait for your inevitable death.

Yet another interesting story that involves the horror of unprotected IoT happened in Texas recently, when a hacker managed to hack a baby-monitor and speak horrible things to her. Luckily, the parents heard and reacted immediately, and the baby had hearing problems, so the hacker failed in his intention.

These were just two of the examples of How Internet of Things can be hacked and used for the worst possible scenario. Imagine what a skilled hacker could do now when the IoT contains not only cars and baby monitors but also guns, entrance doors and gates to important places, etc.

Luckily for us, there is a way to overcome the Internet of Things privacy issues and increase security levels much more.

How a VPN can address the Security issues of Internet of Things?


how to protect internet of things from hackers

Instead of cutting the cable and deciding never to go to the internet again for the rest of your life, you can choose an option that can help you protect all the things that you have covered by the Internet. This simple and effective option is called a Virtual Private Network (or VPN, simply).

Certainly there are some of you who know how a VPN service works and what benefits it brings when it comes to security and anonymity. However, those of you who are not familiar, take a close look at the following paragraph.

When you buy VPN service from a VPN provider, you enter in the world of cyber security and all of your data is encrypted, creating a virtual tunnel from one side to another. In other words, when you want to send something to a friend and you use a VPN, your data travels through a virtual tunnel that is made by a VPN and not a single hacker or anybody else can access that information, except the person that you are sending it to.

Now, when you have several devices connected to one WiFi in your home, VPN goes a long way when it comes to protecting them all. It is not only encryption it is also a layer of security to all of the devices that you have in your home. You are, thus, being made virtually invisible to anyone external and the level of anonymity is increased.

There are numerous VPN services out there, but one stands out as the best choice. – LimeVPN.

Why choose LimeVPN?

The first and the most important thing to know about LimeVPN is that it WILL protect your computer and all the things that use WiFi. It offers two basic pricing plans. The basic pricing plan can be at as low as $1.49 per month, while the pro pricing plan goes up to $14.98 per month.

Although it is one of the most affordable VPN providers out there, it is not the best feature that LimeVPN offers. Unlike most of the VPN providers that offer the limited number of IP addresses, LimeVPN changes that detail to unlimited, which offers you a whole new specter of possibilities with using a VPN.

Furthermore, when it comes to many other things such as more speed and server switching, it is all offered within the pricing plans for free with LimeVPN, while the other providers may additionally charge these services.

To sum up, we live in a day and age where everything connected to the internet can be hacked and without the appropriate security measures, it would be a complete disaster to keep ourselves safe. However, we can make the technology today our good servant rather than our bad ruler and one of the best ways to do that is to use a Virtual Private Network.