What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an Internet privacy and encryption tool that should be considered if safeguarding your data or online anonymity is important to you. VPN is an easy privacy tool to use and offers many features that enhance your daily Internet experience. To learn more about What is VPN and how it works please check this page.

What does a VPN do?

It secures your connection and puts you in control of your IP address which in turn: protects your online identity and data, blocks unwanted marketing, keeps you safe at Wifi hotspots, provides a virtual firewall, bypasses Internet censorship restrictions, and shields your company from cyber crime. In order to learn more please read this page specially dedicated to the topic of What is a VPN and how VPN works.

How does the LimeVPN service work?

LimeVPN creates a secure environment for everyday web use. Before you log onto the net, you need to establish your VPN connection, which will in turn pass all of your online data (emails, instant messaging, data transfers, online banking and all online browsing) through an encrypted tunnel. This is done so that all third parties, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider), no longer have any visibility into your traffic. Check this page to see How VPN works.

Where can I find your software?

All of our free VPN software, including automatic and manual setup is available here on our site. Our VPN software is complete with visual guides and step-by-step instructions.

What are the benefits of using LimeVPN?

  • Free LimeVPN software
  • 100% Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Direct access to the fastest VPN Network Worldwide
  • Unmetered VPN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP Protocols and Softether
  • 3 Simultaneous VPN Connections
  • 24-7 Customer Support

To see all the Features please go to the linked page.

Do you offer an affiliate service?

Yes. Visit our affiliate page or contact our sales department at sales@limevpn.com to open a new affiliate account. Join the team of webmasters who earn best revenues for their traffic.

What is included with my LimeVPN subscription?

  • VPN software
  • 100 % Online Security
  • No Logging Policy
  • WiFi Protection
  • Servers from Multiple Countries
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, SoftEther and L2TP protocols
  • VoIP Support
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

What are the benefits of using the LimeVPN software over manually setting up a connection?

In addition to having an easy step-by-step walkthrough process, the LimeVPN software has an auto-reconnect feature. This auto-reconnect process saves you from both the loss of privacy and hassle of having to reconnect to the server in the event of a dropped connection. If your connection is dropped the LimeVPN software will automatically attempt to reconnect you and protect you from surfing the web in the clear. Other features are made for better anonymity like DNS leak protection and Kill switch they prevent your conection from being spyed on. See all the benefits of using VPN apps on a dedicated VPN for Windows page. The same features goes for Mac VPN app as well.

What operating systems are compatible?

LimeVPN currently has applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android OS. Currently there are no software applications for Linux based operating systems. Users of these operating systems will need to configure their settings manually. You can see all the OS supported and easy-to-use step-by-step instructions which could be found on How to use VPN page.

Do you keep any logs which would allow you or a third party to match an IP-address and a timestamp to a user of your service?

LimeVPN does NOT log any VPN usage or user activity. Neither we nor third parties are technically possible to match an IP address to an account. For more information please read our No Log keeping policy.

Under what jurisdictions does your company operate and under what exact circumstances will you share the information you hold with a 3rd party?

Under no circumstances we will provide any personal or private information to the third parties. We are located in the jurisdiction of Singapore. Please see our full No logging policy here.

Why is my order marked as fraud while signing up?

  • Make sure that while placing the order, you are not connected to a VPN/proxy.
  • The physical address from where the order is placed should match the address mentioned on the sign up page.

Why do I get an authentication failure message when I try to connect?

We provide two types of login credentials, one for the billing client area and another for the VPN account. Make sure you are using the correct login information.

How many users can connect to the VPN simultaneously?

With your Basic account you can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously, provided they are all connected via same modem/IP address.

With your Pro account you can connect up to 20 devices simultaneously, provided they are all connected via same modem/IP address.

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My Login Isn’t Working

A few easy things to check. First, make sure that your account is still active and that you don’t have a payment due. Then, check to make sure that you’re entering the right password. If you can’t remember your password then you should reset it. If you’re still stuck then it’s probably a technical issue and you should submit a support ticket.

The VPN Server Isn’t Responding

We have a bunch of vpn servers, and occasionally some of them go offline for one reason or another. If you are having trouble getting connected to a server that you usually use then you should try a different server temporarily. If that doesn’t work then you should submit a support ticket.

I Can Connect, But No Data Is Coming Through The Connection

If you are successfully connected to the VPN server but can’t get any websites to load or any data to transfer then you may want to make sure that your firewall settings aren’t blocking the VPN. Go into your firewall settings and add an exception for your VPN client. If that doesn’t work then submit a support ticket.

How Can I Tell if the VPN is Working?

If you are connected to the VPN then you should see your IP address change to that of the VPN server. Just visit our homepage of and see what is says about your IP address and location. If it shows that of the server you’re connecting to then you are good to go.

My Internet Connection Is Slow

If your connection is slow, as in significantly slower than usual, then you should try using a different VPN Server. You might need to try several servers to find one that works the best for you. It’s absolutely normal for a VPN connection to slow you down a little bit because of the constant encryption and decryption of your data that is ongoing.

Another option is to try a different protocol. PPTP and Softether protocol offers the fastest connection.

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