The best free anonymous email accounts

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An inbox loaded with spam emails and is such a turn off each time you open your inbox at work. In cases of data breach, emails can be the point of failure.   Regular email providers do not encrypt your data strongly and your IP and location, subject and recipients can be tracked.  Exchanging emails without revealing your identity requires a trustworthy anonymous email. Also, sending and receiving such emails on other websites that need subscription will protect you from spam. 

What are Private email accounts? 


Anonymous email accounts are designed to hide the sender’s personal information from the recipient, so that there is no data to be tracked.   

Why do you need them? 


1 .Data Breaches. In case of any security breach, your email will remain protected, anonymous if you use a disposable email. 

2. Tracking. You do not want tech giants and email providers to track your online behavior and activities. 

3. Anonymity. You want to express strong opinions about some sensitive topics like civil wars etc. and do not want people to trace you back.

4. Censorship: You want to disclose to the world wrongdoings of a company or the government and be anonymous about it. 


Here we have listed the best free anonymous email accounts that will let you email carefree and hasslefree. 

1 . Burnermail



Every time you sign up for any service, burnermail will generate a unique and anonymous email address. Using this email address to sign up will keep you unidentified from companies and advertisers. You will never have to give your personal email address to any sign up if you are using Burnermail. 

Once you create an account on Burnermail, which is free; there is an email ID generated for you that you can use to make an account anywhere, on Facebook, Instagram, Ecommerce websites, etc. If you receive an email on this burnermail id, you will see it in your main inbox only if you want to.

Burnermail has a built-in option to block all the emails that are received on one of your burner mail account. With this feature, it becomes easy to manage your account because you can use one burner email to give away to many websites, subscriptions etc.  


An account with 5 burner addresses, 1 mailbox and days of mailbox history is free. To use more features and unlimited burner emails, use a premium service at $3.99 per month.

2. AlterEgo


Alter ego generates unique mail addresses every time you log in or use it for any subscription. AlterEgo takes pride in their unique, robust passwords that are almost difficult for decode even for robots.   AlterEgo gives you the option of signing with the button as you sign up with your social media button. The difference being, it does not share your personal data. 

Credentials given by AlterEgo cannot be reused. AlterEgo works with a dashboard where you can unsubscribe any account that is not required. They make sure that there are no more emails from that account. Using the latest encryption technologies(AES 256), AlterEgo makes sure that all your data is transferred securely over channels.  


A free account on Alterego provides 1 alias per site, unlimited sites, and one-way communication. With $10 per month, you get 5 aliases per site, access to unlimited sites, extra email storage and an option to reply with AlterEgo. For $100 per month, along with the features of $10 account, you also get access to control multiple accounts on AlterEgo.

3. Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla mail is encrypted email provider to avoid spam and send or receive anonymous emails. To ensure no private information is leaked, there is no registration required on Guerilla Mail. The “scramble email” feature allows you to create a randomized address.

To make sure that this service is not abused, senders IP address gets embedded in the email subject automatically. The messages that you receive remain only for an hour, so you have to reply or act quickly.

Benefit: Guerilla email allows you to compose and send anonymous messages without an account.

Drawback: Randomized access allows people to guess your mailbox name and they can access your mails. Therefore, use a strong password that cannot be guessed.

4. Spamgourmet


Filling your inbox with spam emails is something we are all fed up of. True to the name, spamgourmet helps solve this problem. If you have to give your email address to websites that need subscription and all, you can give your email, but an account with spamgourmet will make sure that only filtered emails reach you and that way you are saved from spam emails.

Spamgourmet requires you to set up an account and list the account that is to be protected; i.e, the account that you want protected from spam. Then, you choose Spamgourmet addresses that forward to your protected email address. The next time you need to give out your email address to a stranger, give the Spamgourmet address instead. You’ll receive any messages or replies at your protected email address.

5. GishPuppy


A simple to use temporary email account service, GishPuppy is a choice of many. GishPuppy is a free disposable email provider that forwards messages to your personal email address automatically. Also, GishPuppy encourages you to dispose one email and make new one in case any spam identifies the id.

Disposable email ids like these are a great way to save your private email ids, not give to strangers, and be protected from spamming.

6. E4ward


E4ward is also a free, temporary email service where you can create more than one email addresses that can be used and disposed anytime. All the emails from assigned aliases are forwarded directly to your primary mail id when you set up an account with E4ward.


However, only one alias is allowed for a free user. Using multiple alias required a premium service. Premium account comes with more cloud space for storing emails. E4ward also has the option of using a customized email id with your domain name.

7. 10minutemail


When you register on the website to get a temporary email id, the timer automatically starts for 10 minutes. You get an email id, use it, receive mails on it, reply to it too; all within 10 minutes. You can extend the 10 minutes though, by clicking on refresh button.

10minutemail is a free throwaway email address provider. The emails sent to this email address are shown on the webpage itself and the email address expired itself in 10 minutes. Such email addresses are useful when you want to test a new service or just giveaway the email to some subscription that is unwanted. Benefit: as the inbox is generated each time you refresh the page for new id, it is secure to use it. Nobody else can see what you are using. 

Drawback: There is nothing fancy that 10minute mail offers. Just plain disposable email ids.

8. Mailinator


Mailinator is like one super inbox or millions of inboxes at your disposable. Mailinator is a public, free inbox that destroys the emails automatically after a few hours. Being public means that the email address that you are using might be used by someone else also at the same time.

All emails are readable and discoverable by anyone at anytime. Mailinator is used by many companies to test their business’ email workflow. Companies use it to test their sign up systems, customer email interactions, or email sending capabilities.

Benefit: Mailinator auto-deletes their content after a few hours.

Drawback: Mailinator cannot be used to send emails and the inboxes are public so you should not use it to receive personal emails.


A free plan gives you access to millions of receive only inboxes and the auto delete feature that deletes few hour old emails automatically. Free users do not have a private inbox and there are limits to personal usage. To use a dedicated email, a premium service is required. The email id used through a premium plan will not be used by anyone else. Premium plans are available at $159 per month. With Mailinator, you cannot send or forward emails; it is a receive-only service.

9. Email on Deck

Email on Deck

Email on deck is a free disposable email service that gives you a unique email address. The email address can be used to sign-up at various websites to receive emails which will be discarded after use. Email on deck can also recover emails after deleting it. The premium service of Email on Deck gives you an access to multiple exclusive domains and an option to save emails locally.

Benefit: This website makes it impossible for other websites to recognize the email addresses as temporary and therefore the communication process is exactly the same as it would be with an ordinary email address. 

10 . Proton Mail

Proton Mail

Proton Mail is an end to end encryption protocol that stores messages in encrypted format on its servers. The transcription between servers and your device is also in an encrypted format through their secure server’s network. Since there is data encryption at all steps, there is actually no risk of intercepting messages. ProtonMail has a Zero access architecture, which means that not even the employees at ProtonMail can decrypt your messages.  Advantage: They use end-to-end encryption as well, which means that even ProtonMail doesn’t know the content of your emails.

Drawback: ProtonMail has no provision to encrypt the metadata, headers and subject lines.


An account on ProtonMail, for one user and one email id, with 500MB storage, with a capacity to send upto 150 messages per day and limited support is free. A “Plus” account allows one user to send 1000 messages per day, 5 GB storage and 5 email addresses costs €5 per month. Further up graded plans are available at €8 and €30 per month.

11. Tutanota


Another secure email of choice for online security and privacy experts, Tutanota ensures that all of your data is encrypted. The best part is that they encrypt your whole inbox; the emails, subject lines and your contact list. Tutanota has the provision of end-to-end encryption between all its users also. To share encrypted messages to non users, they will need a pre shared password to decrypt the message.

As with all the secure email services, you need not enter any personal information that is unique to you. Tutanota strongly believes that privacy and security should be everyone’s right, and therefore there is no logging of the IP addresses and IP addresses are stripped from the sent and received emails. Benefit:Tutanota supports encryption even on mobile phones. 

Drawback: Does not support POP3 and IMAP. 


A free Tutanota accounts gives you 1GB of storage, access for one user, access to Tutanota domains only and limited search options. A premium account for €12 adds features like custom search, unlimited search options, 5 aliases and email support. For a pro account, Tutanota gives 10 GB storage, 20 aliases, custom logo and colors and other features at €60.  Also, Tutanota is an open source software, which means that anyone can look into its code and be sure of the privacy and security.

12 . Secure Email

Secure Email_free email accounts

Another great anonymous email service, Secure Email is also amongst the favourite choice of marketing heads and gaming freaks. Secure Emails uses 4096-bit key encryption to encrypt your emails and to make the encryption, it uses SSL-256 bit encryption so that no one can snoop your emails in transit. No personal identification is needed to create an account on Secure Email.

There is also a boundary for spam mails. Secure Email does not allow anyone to send bulk spam emails and anyone who does that loses the contract with Secure Email without a refund. You can also send sms, apart from mails with Secure Email. Secure Email is very open about its privacy policy and does not cooperate with the US PRISM surveillance programme.

They are strict about no logging of the IP address which implies that they do no keep any personally identifiable information that they can pass on to hackers.


An account with 500 MB storage, 10 alisases, mobile access,mail forwarding, 2 free sms, and ad free mail access costs 50 Euros yearly and  a plan with 5 GB storage, 50 aliases, and all the other features costs 100 Euros yearly. 

Anonymous emails: use the blessing with precautions. 

Before you begin to use anonymous emails, familiarize yourself with their privacy policies. Before you choose your anonymous email provider, familiarize yourself with their privacy policies. There might be instances when the anonymous email account provider retains some information like your IP address which reveals your geographical location and you can be traced.

Doing so will kill your purpose of using the email account and might pose a risk on your privacy. With every other website asking you to sign up with email IDs and then spamming your inbox; these email accounts are just a blessing. You need an reliable VPN services for this. Buy VPN now!.