The Best Tech Podcasts for Beginners and Pros

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest updates on tech inventions, online privacy scandals, and also Silicon Valley startups amongst others. If you have up to 30 minutes or even less to spare in the morning probably as you go to work or your other businesses, then a podcast would be a great way for you to catch up. That is why we have this article here to take you on the best tech podcasts that are available for everyone be it beginner or pro.

Table of Content

1 .Best Tech Podcasts for Tech Trends and News

2. Best Tech Podcasts for Cybersecurity and Privacy

3. Best Tech Podcasts for Tips and Tricks

4. Best Tech Podcasts For Behind the Scenes at Tech Companies

5. Best Tech Podcast for Technology with a Human Touch

As you must have figured, there are a lot of podcasts out there and so many of them are really great. You will find something whether you are internet savvy, social media influencer, or you just use the internet regularly for your personal consumption or as part of your job. This guide will take you through different kinds of listeners and a motivational podcast paired with each.

Best Tech Podcasts for Tech Trends and News


The Future of Everything

This podcast will appeal mostly to you if you are a lover of the Wall Street Journal. Journalists from the Wall Street Journal review the most recent tech trends and try to predict the change they will bring. It toes along the line of questions like the capabilities of Siri in the nearest future, and how robots could find aliens in other planets if they are made with the right specifications.

IT Visionaries

This podcast is based on the future of IT and the discussion is with industry leaders which include CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs down to startup founders from Fortune 100. Listeners of this podcast get to listen to the exclusive interviews, get insights and learn lessons from the frontlines of the IT world.

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This Week in Tech

To get an overview of what is happening in the world of tech, This Week is a great podcast for you. Every week, Leo Paporte who is the host of the podcast and his guests has discussions about the latest developments in the tech industry. It is usually a long podcast with each episode going as long as 2 hours, so if you want something quick, it may not be the best choice for you.

If You Enjoy Some Variety: Clockwise

Clockwise can be described as a roundtable discussion involving two hosts and two guests, discussing four issues with the current technology. This podcast does justice to a wide variety of topics ranging from electric scooters, voice assistants, and also Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent privacy statements. Each podcast episode is always within 30 minutes and so you can catch up on the latest tech-related happenings even during your lunch break.


A16z is a podcast that is hosted by a firm from Silicon Valley that encourages and supports tech entrepreneurs. The firm is headed by former founders, CEOs, or CTOs of renowned and successful technology companies so the content of this podcast is legit. The hosts and the guests of the podcasts discuss the trending technologies, emerging tech, latest brands in the industry, and also modern tech culture.

Best Tech Podcasts for Cybersecurity and Privacy



This podcast is hosted by Veronica Belmont and her belief is that online life and real life are no different. In this podcast, she discusses real-life issues that have regular occurrences like breaches and data leaks, cyberbullying, hacking, and also the dissemination of fake news. Other topics for discussion include what the internet would have been like if it were built by women.

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This podcast is a show that is equivalent to myth busters if we may. They can prove just how much is possible in the tech world today. Still in doubt that no one can hack into your computer while you are browsing over a public Wi-Fi? They will show you just how it can be done.

Best Tech Podcasts for Tips and Tricks


Too Embarrassed To Ask

This is a good choice among podcasts for those who are new to technology but have a flair for it. It is common to have such people around and wanting to ask questions but are too embarrassed to ask so they don’t look silly. This podcast covers discussions from tech innovations and gives room to the listeners to ask their questions. They do not create content anymore, but you can still benefit from the repository of their content.

If You Have Limited Time For Podcasts: Tech Talker’s quick and dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

This is one podcast whose name can fool you into thinking it will be long and maybe boring. Each episode lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes tops, making them short and very interesting. They come packed with lots of useful tips for new internet users on how to stay protected online, how to save mobile data, and how to avoid spam. Everything discussed here is presented in a very easy to understand way. They describe their content as being created so as to impact great knowledge even on someone who can be regarded as tech illiterate so they can understand what goes on in their device, and how to handle bad situations.

If You Are Into Tricks and Tools: Mac Power Users

As you must have guessed from its name, this podcast is perfect for lovers of apple products. Unlike the name suggests, the discussions are not limited to Macs alone, but also cover other apple products. It is hosted by lawyers who are also tech enthusiasts, so be sure to get useful tips that will help you better appreciate your device.

Best Tech Podcasts For Behind the Scenes at Tech Companies


If You Have an Obsession for Google Products and News: This Week in Google

If you are in love with Google and its services, this podcast is for you as it will update you about their latest innovations and news. The host of the podcast discusses new google gadgets and discoveries, and also talks about other companies that are in competition with Google. Each episode of this podcast can go on for as long as 2 hours so have a seat and be relaxed.


Decrypted is a podcast that is hosted by Bloomberg Technology and it lets you in on what goes on behind the scenes of both small and large scale tech companies. Tech companies just like every other company has rivals so you can get in on some secret projects they are working on, and other projects that go on away from the eyes of the public.

Daring Fireball: The Talk Show

The Talk Show is also centered on apple and their products. It is hosted by John Gruber who has made a name for himself for his articles on apple products. In this podcast, he gives you information on the latest Apple devices and their features. He also goes deeper into providing news and stories about the company.

Best Tech Podcast for Technology with a Human Touch


If You Have A Softer Side: Analog(ue)

This is not the regular tech podcast you are used to. It relates tech topics to human life and the discussions are about how tech affects life. The two hosts of the podcasts analyze the changes technological advancement brings; are they for good or bad?

Note to Self

The podcast “Note to Self” is centered on living in and maneuvering the digital world. The technology was borne to make life easier, but it can do the direct opposite sometimes. The host, Manoush Zomorodi analyzes technology from the perspective of a human and discusses various topics like its effects on our work, leisure, and also our health. He addresses the issue of moderate use of technology too.

If you’re A Diehard Tech Enthusiast: Accidental Tech Podcast

This is a podcast based on tech that was created accidentally or just as the hosts would put it, while they were trying to do a car show. It is hosted by three developers who have turned what they enjoy doing into their profession. It covers a variety of topics and dwells more on pop culture. So what you get from these podcasts is a lot of content on programming language, reviews on the latest products, and also console gaming. Conversations during the show do not lack friendly techie jokes to keep things interesting and you really feel relaxed just as if you are at the backstage of their studio.

Reply All

Reply all is basically about the internet but it covers more. The discussions go further into the digital age and how to stay safe. The first episode of Reply all was released in 2014 and has produced more than 100 stories ever since, so there is a lot of content available for you.

Why’d You Push That Button?

Created by The Verge, this podcast centers on the choices we have to make due to technology and its impacts on our lives. Episodes of this podcast usually have consumers, developers, friends, and strangers as guests and the questions they ask are sometimes weird, straightforward, or even dumb.

If You Want To Get Your Geek Game On: Rocket

Rocket is proof that women are also tech enthusiasts and are good at it. It is a tech podcast hosted by women; Christina Warren who is a Mashable Senior Tech Correspondent, Brianna Wu who is into Game Development and a tech feminist, and Simone de Rochefort who is into family gaming and is also a diversity writer. These three women cover a lot of topics in their show like comics, books, movies, and video games.



Podcasts are a great way to catch up with the latest gist even when you are on the go. It doesn’t demand much from you but yet it offers you a lot of knowledge and news. These best tech podcasts have been carefully selected to provide something for you even if you are a beginner in the world of tech, or you are a pro already. So get downloading and start enjoying this new world of knowledge.