The Best Way to Be Anonymous on the Web

Keep privacy on the web

The internet has brought ease and comfort in communication. However, it is a place where your privacy is at risk, where you can infect your PC and mobile devices with all sorts of threats and where you can be a victim of all kinds of cyber crimes. Statistically, each and every internet user is exposed to a potential threat whenever he or she connects to the internet.

Table of Content

1 . Do You Know What Info Is Vulnerable?

2 . The Best Way to Be Anonymous on the Internet

In fact, it is 100% guaranteed that each site you visit gets hold of your personal data, such as your location. In the recent past, most internet users have become aware of the problem.However, most users do not know how to keep themselves anonymous while connected to the web. Keep your mind at ease, because we are going to teach you how to be anonymous on the internet.

Do You Know What Info Is Vulnerable?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself whenever you connect to the internet. To begin with, each website you visit will automatically store a specific amount of information about your online activities in their database. Such information includes:

  • IP Address: Your IP address is a series of numbers that identify your network device, such as your computer or mobile device when you are connected to the internet. Your IP address can easily be used to track and reveal your physical location.
  • Domain Name: Domain names are unique identifiers registered by people or organizations. Your user account is associated with one of the domain names.
  • Software Details: It is quite easy for organizations to identify your network device software details whenever you visit their websites. They can easily identify your browser type and version along with your operating system.
  • Page Visits: As you visit and navigate a website, essential data will be recorded in the web log files. The information stored by the website operator includes: the pages you visited, the time you spent on every page, and how you discovered the website.
  • Browser Cookies: They have extremely bad reputation. They are associated with marketing exploits that track your browsing behavior by recording products you have viewed. Websites use cookies to devour you in the following ways: keep track of pages you visit; gather information to present ad banners; and collect any personal details you submit to a web page.

The Best Way to Be Anonymous on the Internet

The internet insecurity has increased significantly. Your worries should extend beyond threats imposed by hackers, snoopers and surveillance. You should also be worried about identity theft along with all illegal activities associated with identity theft. The best preventive measure you can employ is being anonymous while surfing the web. The following easy as well as simple precautions should be of great assistance.

  1. Use a Good Firewall

A good firewall protects you at the point at which your network connects to an outside network, such as the internet. This firewall will get hold of most of the viruses and malwares that will be trying to enter into your network. Normally, Windows OS has an in-built firewall; however, you need a good firewall to stay safe while browsing the internet.

  1. Practice Safe Browsing

The internet is fully infested with all sorts of insecurities, from hacking, snooping, unauthorized surveillance and identity theft. Therefore, practicing safe browsing is inevitable. The following tips and tricks should be of use:

  • Make use of different passwords for your different accounts and change them on regular basis.
  • When establishing security questions, consider the complexity of your answer and how easy hackers can guess the answer.
  • Never click on suspicious links regardless of where they come from.
  • If a link takes you back to your social media account and ask you to login, hastily exit the browser.
  • And always beware of malicious scams whenever you visit website pages regardless of how genuine such website pages may appear.
  1. Do Not Post All Your Personal Info on the Internet

Social media has proven to be a very powerful digital socializing platform. However, users are becoming care free and end up posting their entire life stories on social media platforms, such as Facebook. To be anonymous, means less exposure. Please STOP posting your personal info on the web if you truly want to stay anonymous.

  1. Use Secure Web Mail & BitCoin

It is advisable to use a mock email address when sending emails to untrustworthy parties. Just make sure that the mock email is not attached to your personal data. Ecommerce transactions can easily give you out to internet predators. Use an anonymous payment method that does not ask for your personal info, such as BitCoin.

  1. Use Secure HTTP & Delete Tracking Data

Use websites that start with https instead of http, because the ‘S’ indicates that the website is encrypted with SSL protocol and it is more secured. Also use a browser extension for SSL encryption. To ensure that you are well-protected, you will have to take things a little bit further and delete your browser tracking data, including cookies, every now and then.

  1. Set Browser to the Highest Security & Change Search Engine Frequently

Make sure that your browser security is set on the highest security level available. Never be too comfortable with a single search engine. Most of the search engines will always track your online activities. Make a habit of changing your search engine, you can also try DuckDuckGo.

  1. Use anonymous VPN

All the aforementioned precautions will help you stay anonymous, but you can ensure that you are 100% anonymous by using a VPN. LimeVPN for instance is equipped with the best security features, including 256-bit military-grade encryption and PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and Softether protocols. Browse the internet anonymously with Lime VPN.

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips and tricks have revealed the bitter truth about the internet. If you think your Windows firewall and computer antivirus will keep you safe from the likes of hackers, snoopers, identity thieves and unauthorized surveillance; well, you need to think harder. Practice all that you have learnt in this publication and sign up for LimeVPN to improve your privacy, security and anonymity on the internet.