The Growth of Mobile Internet Usage and Privacy Concerns

mobile internet

Nearly three billion people are able to enjoy internet services on daily basis, because of the swift developments in the Telecommunication Industry. In light of these advancements, the sales of mobile and tablet are projected to outstrip those of other electronic devices, including laptops and PCs by the end of 2015. These projections were made by The Internet Society based on the Global Internet Report 2015.

Chances are that the next billion earth habitants will be using the internet through their mobile devices. This is highly convenient for users as far as availability and pricing are concerned. In any case, increased presence of billions of people in the internet increases privacy and security concerns. Breaching of other people’s privacy and security is the biggest symptom that needs to be treated before it becomes a deadly disease.

The Following Facts are projected by the Report

  • Mobile internet is estimated to grow further by 71% by 2019
  • By 2019, the usage per every device is projected to be more than triple.
  • 3G services have been registered by 192 countries, covering half of the world’s populace.
  • At present time, the count of available apps is 1 million and they have been accessed approximately 1 billion times.
  • By the end of 2015, 332 million shipment of tablet devices have been projected, which outstrip the 323 million shipments of total PCs for the very first time.

People in developed countries, including UK, U.S., Canada and Japan own multiple devices. Most of these people are dependent on their smart devices, storing personal information in them for availability and convenience. The dependency on smart devices has heightened privacy and security concerns to the extent that appropriate measures need to be put in place.

The Report Proposes the Following Privacy and Security Measures

  • Smart devices should be made simple and granular; thus making it easier for users to manage pertinent authorizations for apps.
  • App developers should put in place satisfactory privacy selections and restrict their apps from accessing information they do not require.

The following straightforward cautionary measures are recommended by the report for mobile internet users:

  • Always update your mobile device antivirus to enhance protection
  • Operate your mobile device with 2-way authentication to avoid physical data theft.
  • Use complicated passcodes (a combination of signs, numeric and alphabets) to secure your personal information
  • Continuously update your mobile device’s antivirus, browser and software
  • Mobile devices are easy to hack; therefore, do not store sensitive data in them
  • Always connect your mobile device to a trusted Wi-Fi hotspot
  • When using a mobile device, never share all your personal info on social media
  • Keep your mobile device secured with an powerful security kit such as a VPN

The stated tips above should always guide you whenever you are using your mobile device to connect to the internet.

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