The State of Android Malware

Android malware

With the way things are going in the world of technology, the future is certain to be about internet security; particularly bigger internet threats. It seems like our mobile devices may take over our decision making ability. It may reach a time when Android suggests what you should eat and what kinds of meals will best suit your needs. In fact, Android may end up being your one stop resource solution. If this is not decision paralysis, then what is it?

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1 . Privacy Stealing Virus Targets 62% of Android Devices

2. Top 5 Tips of Protecting Your Android Device

The future has taken too much attention of the people as far as smartphones can do. To the extent that they have completely forgotten about the immediate online threats, including the criminal activities accomplished through smartphones, specifically Android malware.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) reported in their study that 1.4% of mobile devices on the world market were victims of malware in 2015. According to the study, Android had a 78% share domination of the market in the first quarter of 2015 after a total of 334.4 million smartphones were shipped across the globe. In the 2nd quarter of 2015, 0.2% of mobile devices were infected with malware in the United States. More than 62% of the infected mobile devices were targeted for the user’s personal information.

Privacy Stealing Virus Targets 62% of Android Devices

Android devices are greatly endangered by the privacy stealing virus. This virus can certainly steal information from your Android device without much ado. The information the malware can steal may include anything from online banking credentials, pictures, device location and contacts. 2015 is the year every Android device user should be alert. Hackers and other online criminals will use Android malware to get hold of your bank account data and do with it as they feel fit.

You should not despair; Google is restlessly advancing Android security stage. When compared to personal computer, the number of threats that endanger Android is significantly small. However, there is still a chance of security breaches due to the customizable nature of Android. Therefore, the security of your Android device lies in your hands.

Top 5 Tips of Protecting Your Android Device

  1. Always use protected connection, with a premium VPN such as LimeVPN when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot to make online payments.
  2. Do not use just any antivirus, but a good and reliable antivirus on your Android device.
  3. Install an ad tracker or ad blocker to protect your phone against data pulling adware.
  4. Get apps from Google & partner official stores, because unofficial stores will expose you to malware apps.
  5. Make an effort to allow update on your Android device; they help to keep your device more secured.

You should not be the Yes-Click type as far as requests on your Android device are concerned. The security of your Android device and privacy of your data starts with you. Avoid unofficial stores and block pop-ups to protect you device against adware and malware. You should always remember to restrict apps that request permission to access your personal data; especially, if the requested data is not relevant to the app (s).