Top 10 Movie Streaming Websites Of 2018 – Watch For Free From Anywhere

movie streaming websites

With the emergence of the digital era, Users don’t have to wait for hours or days to watch their favourite movies. With just a good internet connection and a reliable platform, Users can access various movie streaming websites whenever and wherever they want.

Top 10 most famous movie streaming platforms visited by Users around the world.

1. Crackle

Crackle is a Sony-owned platform comprising of a broad range of movies, TV shows and even original content as well. Users do not have to pay any subscription charges or buy any a la carte. However, Users have to sit through few commercials, which appears while watching movies and series. This platform is ideal for anyone who wants to go back to those old days of watching movies on the couch and getting popcorn during the commercials.

Crackle may not have a platform for blockbuster movies, but it indeed comprises several favourite movies like Insidious, Big momma, Leon, Gattaca, priest etc. TV lovers can also enjoy various Series like Seinfeld, Community, The Blacklist, chosen etc.

Apart from the list mentioned above of Movie and Series, the website consists uncountable amount of Movies and Series from all genres. The quality of the Videos ranges from SD, HD and 4k as well, allowing Users to enjoy an ultra-HD cinematic experience. Only cons about this website are that the content rotates quite frequently so try to finish your watchlist as soon as possible.

2. YouTube

Movie Streaming Websites - youtube

YouTube is known for offering millions of great material from popular to niche genres. One can say that YouTube contains everything for everyone. From instructional videos to movie trailers, YouTube hosts bountiful of official videos as well as videos from individual Users too. What most people do not know is YouTube also organise full-length feature films as well.

All you have to do is search for the “title” of the movie followed by the words “full movie”. If someone has uploaded the movie, it would be your luck to watch it for free. Well if you want to watch blockbuster movies on Youtube, then you may have to pay a small rental amount for the feature film. However, compared to other pay-per-view online platforms, the charges are often quite low.

One can watch the movies in resolutions starting from 240p to 4k. Watching movies on YouTube is a piece of cake and a fantastic experience. However not providing audio in surround sound format is its only unfavourable factor.

3. Vudu

10 Movie streaming relevant - vudu

Vudu is the best platform for movies lovers who want to get their first hand on the newly released movies. Users can find any freshly released films in the digital format that’s too with Ultra HD quality. In Vudu, users can enjoy a full -length movie by renting them at a starting price of $4.99 or can buy them with at an affordable cost.

The User Interface of Vudu is quite friendly and attractive. One can easily sort movie based on their favourite genres, price range, year of release and several other filters. Vudu is available on all major platforms like Windows, Android, Apple ios etc. Vudu is also accessible via Roku devices, PlayStation 3 & 4, Apple TV, Android Tv, Xbox one & 360 etc.

Well, Vudu doesn’t have any cons unless paying a small amount for High-def and surround sound music is too much for you.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is as similar to crackle as it provides over the top free full-length movies and TV series, but it contains a way much better collections than crackle. Blockbusters like Zodiac, Chinatown, Amityville Horrors etc. are watchable without paying any subscription charges. In TV series they have a decent selection for old-school series lovers.

The website is quite user-friendly, and it offers full-feature films from diverse categories like action, comedy, drama, romance, etc. One can enjoy a free movie without any interrupting commercial playing popping out in the middle. However, Users have to sit through some Ads before the movie starts and Users won’t get any ads once the movie starts playing.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar is one the most preferred movie streaming websites in India. Users looking for high-quality movies, TV series and live sports will find this website a goldmine. Owned by Star India, this website features full-length HD quality movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other languages as well. TV shows like Humans, Big Bang Theory, Westworld, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, The Americans etc. are all accessible for just a small monthly fee. The best part of this website is that it is a platform where Users could find an assorted collection top movies and shows from Top services providers.

While it also provides free accessibility to a lot of digital contents, but for watching premium content in HD and 5.1 sound, Users have to subscribe the premium package. Hotstar does not charge an individual price for each movie, subscribe once and enjoy all premium content at one go.

6. Tubi TV

Movie Streaming Websites

Tubi TV also offers an extensive collection of movies to watch for free with just a few ads. Users get free movies from all genres like horror, sci-fi, action, thriller etc. The site contains a limited number of hit movies, but they are enjoyable and doesn’t cost you anything. All feature films are available in both SD and HD format catering to the need of the Users. The site is legal, and Users can enjoy uninterrupted services without worrying about legal issues.

Tubi TV is also available in both Android and Ios platform, providing seamless movie streaming for Mobile Users. If you are in a coffee shop, in the subway or riding a bus and feeling bored, then switch on your Tubi Tv app and start enjoying some the most entertaining movies with a single click. The site gets updated every week, and Users can access new collections of movies displayed on the homepage.

7. Movie NoLimit

Movie Streaming Websites

Movie NoLimit is a free movie streaming platform containing newly arrived movies, old school movies and Premium TV shows. Users can watch all the content without any subscription or registration. Videos are available in PC, windows, android and iOS platform where Users can watch their favourite contents anywhere and anytime.

To save their playlist and wishlists, User can register the website free of cost and keep track of their watchlist. The website is quite prompt when it comes to updating. Unlike other streaming platforms, the contents of this site don’t get rotated. One can add their favourite content and watch it even after a month.

8. Snagfilms

Movie Streaming Websites

Of all movie streaming websites worldwide, Snagfilms is quite different from the rests. Users who like to watch documentaries and independent movies, they should check out Snagfilms. This website offers legal contents around the world, without any premium charges. Users have to watch apart few advertisements that play before the movie. Apart from extensive collections of Award winning movies, the website also hosts classic and festival-favourite contents. The site also contains exclusive documentaries produced by national geographic and other famous directors.

9. Viewster

Movie Streaming Websites - viewstar

Viewster is an advertising-supported Online streaming website where Users can access anime, full-length feature films, web shorts and more. Viewster is available in desktop, console and mobile apps with a broad genre of contents.

The website is quite user-friendly and accessible worldwide. The contents are also quite appealing for people who like independent movies and animations. Apart from pre-existing large chunks of materials, the website is updated regularly pouring more quality contents on a daily basis.

Accessing content in Viewster is quite easy, as it does not ask for any registration and any credentials of the Users. However, to maintain a watch list of contents, Users can register themselves at Viewster without any subscription charges.

10. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a free platform for movies and TV Series, which hosts materials, uploaded through non-affiliated third parties. This website is famous for its prompt uploading services. One can easily access all the famous and newly released movies & TV series without any subscription charges. The resolution of the films and TV series starts from 320p to 1080p, depending upon the quality that unloader decides to upload.

Apart from regularly updating Hollywood movies, the website also hosts blockbusters and award-winning films from countries like India, Korea, France, Thailand and several other countries as well. When entering the site, Users will get a whole display of all the recent updates along with some suggestions from most watched movies.

Most of the websites mentioned in the above lists are free while some sites ask for a minimum subscription fee. Websites like Viewster, snagfilms, Tubi Tv etc. are available worldwide and one can easily access them from any part of the world.

Are you Facing Restrictions while accessing the websites mentioned above?

This is because most websites like Vudu, Solarmovie, hotstar, popcornflix, Movies Nolimit etc. are geographically restricted. The accessibility to the sites is non-accessible to Users who do not belong to the respective country.

How to access geo-restricted content?

Use a reliable VPN Service like which let Users access content from anywhere around the world. LimeVPN provides  alternate IP addresses to the Users, which masks their real IP address and allows them to access the website without any detection.