08 Top Cult Movies on Netflix

This weekend, binge watch on shows that you cannot get access for.

Have you ever felt this emotion where you weren’t able to see the top movies on Netflix just because your country cannot support it?

We know how that feels especially for movie buffs who love to watch great movies but can’t due to geographical restrictions.

But what if we told you that you can eliminate the restrictions and watch the top cult movies on Netflix?

This isn’t a too good to be true situation, we have curated this article to help you enhance your Netflix experience better with the below information shared here:

1 . How the presence of a VPN can conduct a restriction-free movie experience?

2. Top Netflix cult movies to get started with

Let’s get your weekend planned.

How the presence of a VPN can conduct a restriction free movie experience?


VPN stands for virtual private network. It conducts a secure process of ensuring that your IP address is being hidden when you conduct any online actions.

As a business, the need to spend multiple amounts of money isn’t as possible as you expect it to be, does that mean your online actions should remain behind?


This is exactly why a VPN service can help you. With a VPN service you can do so much for which is why brands do make use of it as it benefits business and your employees. 

Let’s understand this with an example

You can serve your prospects better by finding out better information about them. This means surfing from websites and other sources that are restricted and without being caught, thanks to the support of the VPN service you choose.

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What a VPN would do is it would let you access any information you want by hiding your IP address and giving you another IP address that will suit the requirements of accessing that information. For instance, maybe the information you want is only allowing those users who are residing in London.

So what the VPN would do is it would give you an IP address which will tell your location as London. That is exactly how you will continue to operate with this service. It will continue to hide your real identity and keep you safe from any online activity you wish to conduct.

Another reason why VPNs are better is it helps to encrypt your traffic which means no one can see what your actions are. They will only be able to see that you are VPN connected but nothing more. VPNs are very reliable and in a business where you have to conduct multiple confidential information handling, this solution is the perfect one for you.

Hence it is important that choosing the right VPN is crucial. There are multiple reliable VPN service providers available, but before you head to invest in their VPN product, ensure the following factors are present:

1. Invest in a paid VPN

Everybody likes a free service but with a free service comes security checks which are not available. Hence it is important that you invest in a VPN service that is paid and offers a good number of services for you with the pricing stated.

2. Good security

The security matters in any VPN service so you need to ensure that you are investing in a VPN service that offers great security measures. You could opt for 256-bit encryption as that is standard in the VPN industry. Remember security matters and that is exactly what you need to prioritize.

3. Faster speed

You are going to use your VPN service for multiple activities as stated above such as research and more and if your VPN slows down, it will only affect your work. Ensure that the VPN service you invest in is good for any activities you conduct, be it watching your favourite Netflix movie, downloading them and more. 

4. A good support team

There will be instances where you might experience a problem with your VPN. Immediate assistance can help you get back to work quicker instead of having delays. Invest in a VPN service provider that is going to assist you as and when you need them. 

5. No logging policy

VPN service providers do store your internet activity and can do a lot with it. To eliminate this from happening ensure you understand what information is being stored and if you’re not comfortable ask for a no-logging policy. This will keep your internet activities safe from every point. 

Now that you have the solution that will help you access any kind of movies that you wished to see on Netflix, we have curated a small list that can help you to get started with.

Top Netflix cult movies to get started with


1. The Shawshank Redemption

If you’re looking to watch an inspirational movie, this Oscar-nominated movie based on one of the Stephen King stories will hook you to your seats. The story is about a man called Andy Dufresne who visits the security prison where there are corrupt wardens, predatory prisoners, and sadistic guards. Despite this all, Andy aims to help the inmates experience and realize that hope and optimism is the key to their survival in such a place.

Release Date:1994

Who can access the movie: Argentina, Canada, Brazil, France, Japan, and Mexico.

2. In Bruges

This movie exhibits the story about two hitmen who are stuck in Bruges, Belgium after conducting a hassle task. The story exhibits well how these hitmen start to change their views about life and death and how they adapt to the customs of Bruges. The movie is funny and will touch your heart.  

Release Date: 2008

Who can access the movie: Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

3. A Space Odyssey

This movie is a sci-fi movie where it revolves around explaining a man dawned from millions of years ago and how space and everything around it have come to be. 

Release Date: 1968

Who can access the movie: Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Greece, India, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Slovakia, Romania, Israel, and Hong Kong.

4. Psycho

For horror lovers, this movie will keep you hooked for long. This is considered to be one of the scariest movies then. The story is about a Phoenix secretary that escapes with some cash that he stole from a client and checks into a motel whose owner is a young man but the dominance is of his mother. The next part of the story is worth you going to see it right now. 

Release Date: 1960

Who can access the movie: Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Ice land, and Switzerland.

5. American History X

This is another inspirational movie about a brother who has gone to jail for his wrongdoings but has changed into a better person. He then realizes that his brother is following his footsteps in the wrong direction which is why he sets out to save him. The story exhibits about how life is after a person changes their wrong actions and brilliantly describes what hate looks like and can do. 

Release Date: 1998

Who can access the movie: Australia, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

6. Life is beautiful

This is a brilliant movie based on three factors well described in the entire movie, love, family, and imagination. The story is about a Jewish librarian and his son and how they become a victim of the holocaust encountered. The father uses humour, will and imagination blended together so that his son can be protected from the camp dangers. 

Release Date: 1997

Who can access the movie: Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

7. The Green Mile

This is another movie from one of Stephen King’s stories. This is also another heartwarming and inspirational story in prison. The story is about a new death row inmate who has a special gift that makes an impact on the lives of the death row guards. 

Release Date: 1999

Who can access the movie: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

8. The Usual Suspects

This movie is a violent crime thriller that will keep you hooked in your seats with its multiple twists and turns. The story is about five criminals who meet at a random police line up and decide to set a heist together. 

Release Date: 1996

Who can access the movie: Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The Bottom Line…

You have a VPN that will secure your online activities and also an entire set of Netflix’s cult movie suggestions, it looks like you’re in for a treat this weekend.

The online world is filled with multiple opportunities but the rise in online frauds and more has restricted multiple actions to be behind the fence, but if you are looking to access actions in a good thought, using a VPN service would be much better.

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