You can also access setup guidelines for other platforms (Windows, iOS, Android and more) here.

Automatic Configuration

NordVPN’s application for macOS is the easiest and fastest way to set up the VPN service on your computer. This guide explains how you can download, install and sign in to the application. It also provides advice on choosing the most suitable server for your needs and connecting to it. Furthermore, it explains the changeable application settings, such as Kill Switch, Connect on Start and more.

We offer two versions of the NordVPN app for macOS users: an OpenVPN version available for download from our website and an IKEv2 version available on the Mac App Store.

OpenVPN is a versatile protocol that supports a great number of strong encryption algorithms and ciphers. To ensure the protection of your data, we use AES-256-CBC with a 2048-bit DH key. IKEv2/IPsec is another extremely secure protocol. Here, we use AES-256-GCM for encryption, coupled with SHA2-384 to ensure integrity, combined with PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) using 3072-bit DH keys.

All the required configurations are preset in the NordVPN applications, which means you can start using it at once. That said, native NordVPN apps offer plenty of freedom to adjust the settings for your particular requirements.

Manual Configuration

If you would rather set up the VPN service yourself, you can configure the chosen security protocol manually by following these tutorials. However, some of the supported protocols are not advised for general use, so please keep it in mind when selecting the best configuration.


If you choose to set up the OpenVPN protocol manually, you can do it by following this tutorial. It will walk you through the required steps.