How to Configure OpenVPN on Android?

Step 1:

Download the OpenVPN client here or using the link You can also visit your Google store and search OpenVPN for Android.

Step 2:

Download the OpenVPN file from here and extract it

Step 3:

Open the OpenVPN application and click on the plus sign at the top right corner of the app.

OpenVPN on Android

Step 4:

Then click on import and import the OpenVPN file that was downloaded.

OpenVPN on Android
OpenVPN on Android

Step 5:

Choose the file depending upon the location that you wish to connect to. You can check the server list. 

OpenVPN on Android

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Step 6:

Click on the file once it is imported, it will prompt for username and password. Enter the details and it will connect to the server.

OpenVPN on Android

Step 7:

Enter the LimeVPN Username and Password and click on OK.

OpenVPN on Android

Once connected, it will show as below.

OpenVPN on Android
OpenVPN on Android

You can disconnect the connection and Pause the connection from Notification.

OpenVPN on Android