How to Unblock Minecraft at School?

Network administrators in school often put restrictions on the private network, cutting off access to some popular sites. This is to avoid distractions amongst students during the time for academic activities, but what happens when you need a break but can’t have access to your favorite game; Minecraft? They are various ways to have Minecraft unblocked and in this article, we would walk you through them step by step.

Table of Content

1 . How to Unblock Minecraft at School?

2. How to Use A VPN to Unblock Minecraft?

3. How to Play Minecraft Anywhere?

4. If You’ve Never Heard of A VPN

How to Unblock Minecraft at School?


You can have Minecraft unblocked with different methods, but the ones that would be mentioned here are easy to understand and you don’t need to have much knowledge or experience in tech to pull them off. They, however, may not give you the full experience you may need from playing Minecraft.

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  • Change HTTP to HTTPS: your school’s ISP may be only blocking access to the standard HTTP version of Minecraft. If that is the case, switching the protocol would give you access. Try accessing Minecraft’s servers by adding an “S” to ”HTTP”.
  • Try downloading the game from another site: the block may only be to the game’s official site and in that case, you can still get access through other sources. Try other websites and see if you will have access.
  • Use Minecraft launchers: some clones of Minecraft exist like Skaia Launcher, and you can play for free. It’s a cracked version of the game so you have to be careful if you opt for this.

If none of the above options work for you, then the best alternative would be to make use of a VPN.

How to Use A VPN to Unblock Minecraft?


A VPN is your next best chance of connecting to Minecraft’s servers or even downloading the game if you are facing any challenges. Despite the technical way it sounds, it’s an easy way to use the internet while remaining anonymous and ensuring privacy. Since your school’s network wouldn’t permit you to connect to Minecraft, a VPN would change your IP address and location and solve your problem. Have Minecraft unblocked in the following easy steps:

Step 1: Download a VPN: you would need a good VPN that would grant you good anonymity and security at the same time. LimeVPN is heavily encrypted and offers you different IPs in different locations for you to choose from.

Step 2: Connect to any Server of Your Choice: there are different servers around the world for you to choose from, but as a VPN is like a tunnel for your requests, it would slow down your connections a bit. The speed depends on the location of the server you choose. For the best speed, choose a server that is closest to your real location.

Step 3: log in to Minecraft

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Note that if you are using a school computer, you may need admin privileges to install a program on the computer.

How to Play Minecraft Anywhere?

To play Minecraft anywhere, you would need a VPN. the process involved is straightforward and simple:

  • Choose a good VPN. we highly recommend LimeVPN
  • Visit their website and choose a plan. Then sign up.
  • Download the app for the device you wish to play on.
  • Install the app and open it using your details
  • Select an IP server from any country of your choice. Choose a country that is close to you.
  • Click on “connect”

With a VPN, your speed would be slower by a fraction because of the encryption that is going on. The rate at which your connections are slowed down depends on your distance from the chosen server. So it’s better to connect to your own country or the nearest country to you.

Can You Make Use of a Free VPN?

Yes, there are free VPNs that you can use but they have a lot of cons attached to their use. Their servers are limited and as a result, are overcrowded. This means you would have to share performance with many other users. Another con is that the servers may be far away from you, leading to slow connection speeds.

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Also, free VPNs don’t offer you privacy as they are likely to record your data and sell it off to advertising companies for targeted ads. They would also hit you with a lot of ads and nobody like that, but that’s how they make the money they are not getting from you.

Some free VPNs could even be malicious and controlled by hackers. They aim to steal your information, putting your identity at risk.

If You’ve Never Heard of A VPN


What Is It and How Does It Improve Your Minecraft Experience?

Inlay terms, a VPN could be likened to an invisibility cloak. It encrypts your data and makes your online activity hidden so that even your ISP doesn’t know your location or what you are up to.

How Does It Work?

With a VPN, you appear to be in a different location and your ISP thinks you are playing Minecraft somewhere else and not in school. It’s legal and safe to use a VPN so you don’t have to worry.

In Case You Need More

The above information is not everything there is to know about VPNs and you can read a comprehensive and easy guide here.

With LimeVPN, security and anonymity are guaranteed. So you can have Minecraft unblocked and also have others sign in with your account depending on the plan you choose.


Most establishments put up restrictions to many sites in a bid to get rid of distractions. Schools and hospitals often restrict access to social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, and games too. This is a good move but everyone needs a break at some point and no harm can come from playing your favorite game at this point. If you are done with what you have to do and deserve a bit of game time, then this guide would be helpful to get Minecraft unblocked. If all else fails, your best chance would be to use a good VPN.