How To Unblock Sky Go Outside The UK Using VPN

unblock skygo in UK

Everyone is familiar with Sky,  it providers landline service to clients using which you can make calls, also comes with more than 70 live channels, as an addon you also get DSL and broadband services.

Sky Go has more than 300 stations accessible on TVs in the UK. It’s one of that typical month to month service, yet with excellent content in astonishing quality, which gives it an upper hand in the UK.

The best part that many people don’t know is that other than using Sky Go to watch contents on your TV, you can utilize your account to view all types of video content on your workstation, PC or even your cell phone. You should simply download their desktop application on your PC, or an application on the off chance that you need to use your cell phone for this reason.

When it comes to checking the list that works with Sky go is just huge. It is correct to say that you simply require a gadget that has a screen and interfaces that connects to the world wide web.


Sky Go offers three levels of membership for its customers. The expensive one costs £33 a month and enables you to stream on two gadgets simultaneously. There are some providers that enable you to download the content so that you can watch them offline, unfortunately, this is not available with this plan. So you will be unable to view content without an internet connection.

The second subscription will cost you £43 and accompanies twice the features compared to the previous plan. It enables you to stream on 4 gadgets simultaneously. The best part is that you will be able to download content and watch it later offline.

Every one of the three subscription plans has its own features that make them appealing to the customers. At last, everything comes down to one thing, which is the best plan according to your needs.

Access to Sky Go is blocked outside of the UK

unblock sky go

It’s lamentable that such an extraordinary service is accessible for streamers living inside the UK only and if you are one of those people living outside of the UK, you won’t have the access to stream on Sky Go so effortlessly. Each time you attempt, you will be welcomed with a “not accessible in your district message”

The message will be shown because of the fact that Sky Go is restricted in every other locale except the UK in lieu of infringement of local communicate directions. We do understand that even for people outside of the UK need to get to Sky Go and that you can’t stand to miss on the astonishing content that comes with the amazing Sky Go service.

How to stream Sky Go outside of UK

When you get to any site, the website at first recognizes your area by using your IP address. In the event where you access Sky Go from a country where the services are unavailable, you will not be able to get around the restriction or block that Sky Go has implemented. What you need is a service that can hide your internet IP address and then assign you a new IP address from UK.

This is precisely what a VPN does, in addition to other advantages. VPN providers allow their customers to select a location of their choice and that will be their virtual location. When you select the UK as your virtual location, everything that is just accessible in the UK can be now accessed from any place around the globe with just a click.

  • Sign up for LimeVPN
  • Configure the VPN on your device
  • Connect to a UK server
  • You will now be able to enjoy Sky Go from anywhere in the world



Let’s see what LimeVPN can do for your other than providing access to a geo-restricted website like Sky Go:

  • Up to 10 Gbps High-Speed servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited VPN servers switching and no throttling.
  • LimeVPN offers a NAT Firewall and Hotspot WiFi protection. Additional protection that safeguards your device from hackers exploiting loopholes.
  • Most free VPNs are only capable of offering standard encryption of only up to 128-bit. We offer full-scale 256-bit encryption with a 2048-bit key.
  • You can contact us via live chat, ticket system, arrange a voice call and we can provide remote desktop support on demand.
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, Softether, SOCKS5, and IKEV2 provided with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure them on every device
  • LimeVPN keeps no logs. So we wouldn’t be able to provide them on demand.
  • Unlike free VPN providers, LimeVPN servers are stable and work with the blistering speeds and low latency in 96.9% of the time.


Do We Need a VPN?

The one word answer to this question will be, “Yes”. We do need VPN in our daily online activities. One of the best and recent example is of “Internet Neutrality”

Net neutrality means that the ISPs should treat all their users equally i.e there shouldn’t be any discrimination based on the amount being paid.

In the year 2017, FCC nullified net neutrality so this means that there is still time for equal rights when it comes to the internet.

Because of this ISPs can sell your online data. Using VPN, you can hide all these activities from your VPN provider and thus be anonymous.

The second reason is that nowadays providing and using Hotspot has been trending. Such a public Wi-Fi hotspot can be rigged and when you use such a network, you are at a risk of compromising your data. Using VPN will give you an upper hand in tackling this issue.


VPN will not only provide you access to Sky Go but also protect you from online threats. So LimeVPN becomes your rescuer and protector in the online world.