How to unblock whatsapp calling, unblock skype, viber and Other voIP Apps with VPN

Unblock WhatsApp

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1 . How Important to unblock VoIP Apps

2. Unblock Whatsapp Calling

3. How to Unblock Whatsapp Calling & Other VoIP Apps

Regardless of the fact that over one billion Whatsapp users now have access to the Whatsapp app for free. There are some users in specific countries that do not get to use VoIP apps because they are blocked. This should not be a problem, because this publication will educate you on how to circumvent censorship and easily unblock Skype, access Whatsapp calling and unblock Viber with VPN.

How Important to unblock VoIP Apps

VoIP apps have made it easy for people to stay in contact with loved ones, coworkers, family and friends. These tech savvy generation apps make it easier to send pictures & videos, voice message and chat. Voice-over-IP or internet telephony technology allows you to easily use the internet to make free long-distant calls. This is unbelievably cost-effective compared to making a long distance call through telecom services.

These services are economically convenient; however, there are some countries that block them. For instance, Morocco is safeguarding the interests of its telecom providers by completely restricting the use of Skype, Viber and Whatsapp calling. Other countries that are known to heavily restrict the use of VoIP apps are: Belize, Caribbean, Brazil, China, Jordan, Egypt, Mexico, Kuwait, South and North Korea, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, Paraguay, and United Arab Emirates.

Unblock Whatsapp Calling

The service is completely free. However, there are some countries that restrict its use along with Facebook Calls, Viber and Skype. Most people across the globe may be wondering how Whatsapp are capable of providing free services without subscription fee. Well, the whole magic is explained in the Whatsapp blog. In the near future, Whatsapp will make it easier for you to communicate with organizations and businesses. The best thing about this life-charging app that Whatsapp is yet to release is that it will not involve any third-party ads or spam. With that said, now you need to learn how to access the service from any location.

How to Unblock Whatsapp Calling & Other VoIP Apps

VPN is what you need to unblock VoIP services, circumvent geo-restrictions and censorship that prevent you from using Whatsapp calling and other VoIP services. For example to enjoy the services of LimeVPN, you are encouraged to do the following:

  • Buy VPN account
  • When you sign up for LimeVPN basic, you get dynamic VPN service, which includes: 6,000+ dynamic IPs; no restrictions access to websites/ no logging policy; 24/7 customer support; 2 concurrent users; shared speed of up to 10 Gbps; and 19 VPN locations.
  • When you sign up for LimeVPN pro, you get dedicated VPN service, which includes: clean and fresh static private IP; dedicated bandwidth of 1 Gbps; dedicated private VPN node; 20+ concurrent connections; access to LimeVPN basic; and access to the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia.

You can easily unblock Whatsapp calling and other VoIP apps by signing up for LimeVPN. With LimeVPN, you are offered a 7-day money back guarantee. LimeVPN is available for different operating systems, including: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Once you have sign up for LimeVPN, you can go ahead and download Whatsapp and start chatting right away. Enjoy VoIP apps with LimeVPN.