Uncensored & Faster Gaming Experience with the Ultimate VPN

VPn for gaming

The popularity and relevance of online gaming is undoubtedly on the rise. The gaming industry, according to a new report, is producing addicts at a faster rate than any other industry in 2016. It’s easy to see why. It’s not just competitive, but also profitable. However, there is one hack that puts gamer over the edge that not all of them are aware of. It is the Virtual Private Network. This is your ultimate guide to why and how to use VPN for an enhanced gaming experience.

Why VPN provides the ultimate gaming experience?

“All the German versions of popular games like Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead censor out the violence”, says Johannes Kjems, a German e-sports journalist and event organizer. “The crucial zombie’s blood in Left 4 Dead is replaced with black oily substance. Can you believe it? And, in Counter Strike the characters never die. They just peacefully surrender when they have been pummeled with enough bullets. It absolutely ruins the gaming experience.” These are not solitary events. Gaming experience, depending on region and geographical boundaries, can be dangerously altered from each other. This is where a technology like VPN comes in. VPN can break free from these restrictions by selecting a different country location where the game is available without alterations. In most cases, changing the location to USA works best as these games are native to the region.

Buy New Games First

Besides having access to uncensored gaming experience, you can also enjoy the latest versions of the game that might not be available in you region. If a new title of the game has released in, say the UK, and you are surfing in India, you can simply use a VPN with an IP address in the UK  and purchase the game online.  Lime VPN has 6000+ IP addresses all around the globe which makes choosing suitable, fast networks easy.

Ping Time Reduced

As the seasoned gamer slowly find out, ping time is a real burden. “Ping time is the time it takes to send as well as receive a packet of data between two network devices, such as computers on a network.” For detailed process of reducing it to have uninterrupted and faster gaming experience, Visit here

Private Servers can improve lag issues

As a gamer, you must be acutely aware of two things. First, people don’t appreciate being called a nerd. Second, in-game lagging is just the worst thing ever. The patience runs low, and the competitiveness can be compromised. To avoid that completely, a personal VPN works wonders. There are multiple ways a VPN protects the sanctity of the game. For example LimeVPN provides with the fastest VPN by rerouting the gamers’ link to a network well designed for speed.  In addition to this, the VPN also prevents the Internet Service Provider from restricting gamers on sending or receiving large amounts of data by citing the usual reason of “you are exceeding your bandwidth limits”.

Personal information and credentials secured

Gamers are all too familiar with cyber crime, may it be in in-game purchases or in form of identity thefts. Personal VPN like LimeVPN has a committed system of preventing financial and personal details of gamer.  LimeVPN encrypts and privatizes the data that is provided online by the user and safeguards it.

How does VPN enhance gaming experience?

There are a plenty pragmatic ways in which VPN enhances the gaming experience, some of which are listed above. How does a VPN achieve this? Some of the ways in which LimeVPN has been known to add value by clients is via unblocking DLC content and geo-restricted MMORPG & MMO games. It is also known to provide the user with access to Xbox live and allow them to play timely game titles. Along with providing 6000+ IP addresses at the user’s disposal, LimeVPN is also known for linking the gamers to eight gaming server locations in the world. One of the most exclusive ways in which LimeVPN ensures safety and competitive climate is by securing the gamers against DDoS attacks.

“VPN is absolutely the most pragmatic way for gamers to focus on the essentials. A number of professional CS and Hearth Stone players whom I have worked with in the past are known to swear by it”, concludes Johannes Kjems.