Updated list of websites banned in China in 2017

list of sites blocked in china

If you’re reading this it means you either live in China, or are moving there, or visiting for a while. Or, you have recently learned about the absolutist ban on too many websites in China. In any case, it is true. Some websites are banned in China. Activities such as storing files on Google drive, or connecting with people from other countries over social media, or watch your favorite TV series and movies. The list of the blocked websites and apps go on, but here are some major websites banned in china in 2017 –


Social Media Websites

Social Media websites banned in china are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Picasa, WordPress.com, Blogspot, Blogger, Flickr, SoundCloud, Google+, Google Hangouts, Hootsuite.


Blocked Apps

Google Play, Line, KaKao Talk.

Google Play being blocked means that all the apps that are downloaded from Google Play are also blocked.


Search Engines

Google, Duck Duck Go, various foreign versions of Baidu and Yahoo.

Google, and all versions of Google, like Google.hk, Google.de etc. are blocked.


Informant Media Outlets

Media websites banned in china are The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Bloomberg, Reuters, LeMonde, L’Equipe, Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, Google News, Daily Motion, many pages of Wikipedia, Wikileaks.


Professional Tools

Professional ISP websites banned in china are Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar (generally all Google services), Dropbox, ShutterStock, iStockPhotos, WayBackMachine, Scribd, Xing, Android, and many VPN sites.

Porn Websites

All porn websites are blocked, without exception.

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