Updates for LimeVPN

A recent customer satisfaction study and increased LimeVPN usage have led to the addition of new servers from various locations. Anonymity and security being our priority, we are upgrading our servers. This will also increase our customer’s experience and the efficiency of our service.

We have added three new servers from three locations, with two servers added exclusively for P2P.

Below are the new servers added :

  • France (eu1.limevpn.com) *
  • Germany (eu2.limevpn.com) *
  • Japan (jp.limevpn.com)

( Note : * indicates the servers can be used for P2P/Torrents)

When using VPN, speed does matter, so we have introduced a new protocol to connect to VPN which will be IKEV2 ( Internet Key Exchange Version 2.0 ). This is considered to be the fastest among all the existing protocols. Along with this development, we have now change the pre-shared secret key for L2TP connections.

As a part of the upgrade, the OpenVPN files have also been updated. Kindly contact our Support team through Live Chat or just drop a ticket from your client area to get the new OpenVPN files. These files will be shortly available for download from the website as well.

We are also in a process of adding video tutorials to our knowledge base to make it easier for all our clients to set up VPN.