Lead generation

Marketers & Business Owners who want generate more leads from their websites

With LimeVPN, you can generate more leads from your website by triggering potential customers and deliver them callback from you team in 28 seconds

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Key features

What makes our lead generation solution different


Control your leads & integrate LimeVPN with you favourite tools

You will have full access to our dashboard, where you can check your lead history, call recordings and team performance. You can also integrate LimeVPN with other SaaS services such as Google Analytics or Slack.


Data autofill from LimeVPN contact network

More than 5mn have contacted vis LimeVPN. When a lead lands on your website, their contact data will be auto-filled.


How LimeVPN can help you to generate more leads

LimeVPN is an automated callback solution that delivers an instant conversation without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Convert your traffic into sales calls

Grow your pipeline faster with the advanced lead generation add-on:

  • LimeVPN connects you with your potential customer in 28 seconds.
  • Your leads can schedule callback in advance according to their convenience.
  • Increase the number of quality leads instantly and watch your revenue jump off the charts.
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