How to Use LimeVPN to Fight TPP?

Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP, well known as the trans-pacific partnership refers to an international trade agreement that has been in the making for five years. WikiLeaks released details associated with the intellectual property right, according to the released information. The latest details are based on strict rules as far as interest regulation is concerned.

Table of Content

1 . How You Can Bypass TPP

2. What is TPP and what is Its Importance?

3. TPP and the Secrecy

4. How bad is the TPP?

With respect to the new agreement, ISPs would be subjected to maintain logs of all the activities of internet users. In the simplest of terms, this means that everything you do online will be under surveillance, including your browsing data. You are hereby urged to protect yourself against TPP by signing up for LimeVPN and taking back your online liberty.

How You Can Bypass TPP

LimeVPN is your one-stop resource solution for bypassing TPP and preventing anyone from surveilling your every move. LimeVPN offers you dedicated private node, dedicated private IP, dedicated bandwidth, of 1gbps and 20+ concurrent connections for bypassing TPP. LimeVPN uses fast and secured encryption which your internet service provider cannot decipher; ensuring that you have maximum control over your online activities.

You should not be worried about your location being tracked when you connect to the internet through LimeVPN. The moment you are connected to our servers your real IP address is masked and you are assigned a different IP address. This ensures that your real location is kept secret from your ISP and TPP. LimeVPN is just the best and you are guaranteed that your ISP cannot trace any online activities back to you.  TPP is serious about dismantling your online privacy and security; therefore, fight back by using LimeVPN.

What is TPP and what is Its Importance?

The Trans-pacific partnership was developed with the intention of enhancing trade bonds; develop jobs for member countries and lower tariffs. Regardless of the noble intentions of TPP, the fact remains that it will impose stricter privacy laws along with stronger copyright protection. The end result for the internet user will be a nightmare.

The famous TPP comprises of twelve nations, including the US, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile and Japan. According to TPP each member country is expected to alter their laws; thus making it easier for United States of America film studies to check for damages as far as copyright managements are concerned. Approval of TPP regulations will make it the largest trade deal to have ever been created in history. TPP will cover 792+ million people across the globe and it will account for 40% of the world’s economy.

TPP and the Secrecy

The secrecy surrounding TPP does not add up. It is an economy changing deal, why the secrecy? According to congress, TPP is the best way to maintain balance between the legitimate users and the rights of intellectual property holders.  However, the underlying truth is that TPP is the most treacherous deal to have ever found its way into congress. It is not a surprise. Not to mention that the TPP deal will bypass public review after the congress provided advance authority to the Obama administration. This will ensure that there are zero chances for modification, and that is the secrecy any internet user should be worried about.

How bad is the TPP?

TPP is unscrupulous; well you can better refer to its intentions as noxious. Your every online move will be recorded and used by the government agencies at their convenience. According to TPP, copyright terms would be prolonged to the author’s life in addition to seventy years. Those who infringe copyright laws would experience heavier criminal sanctions. To protect yourself against the intentions and dangers of TPP you are strongly advised to sign up for a VPN.