Do travellers need a VPN?

Travel with VPN

The Importance Of VPN For Travelers

When it comes to travel apps, you might think you are pretty much covered with your local language app, an Uber or Airbnb and a mapping app like Google Maps, but have you thought about your VPN app? There’s a reason why VPNs are so useful to travelers, and the savviest travelers will tell you they could not go anywhere without the conveniences that a VPN app can bring.

Well-traveled individuals know that virtual private network(VPN) apps let them carry the means of securely browsing the internet from anywhere in the world. The use of a VPN makes the experience similar to what it would be if they were back home, with no disruption in the safety of the experience or their access to content.


While newbies to the travel game are having trouble accessing their favorite online shows, music streaming or sports services, old hands at the travel game fire up the VPN instead.

Given the conveniences that come with using a VPN in your travels, whether within your country’s borders or internationally, you should take a good look at picking up a VPN.

A VPN like LimeVPN, for instance, brings together the essential advantages of the VPN experience with stunningly low entry prices. If you just want to test the waters, LimeVPN can be a good way to find out how these advantages can improve your travel experience.

Unblock Websites

You may be used to the disappointing travel experience of finding that your favorite websites are blocked in your travel destinations.

Websites are blocked all the time in certain jurisdictions around the world, whether by a decision on the part of the country’s governing authorities, or an action on the part of the website’s owners. For example, Youtube is blocked in China, along with other websites that the Chinese government has targeted as part of efforts to control the news that gets out about the country. While outsiders may watch content about China on the website, residents are not able to access the service from within the Chinese mainland.


Websites sometimes restrict content by geographic region. This is especially the case if you are traveling outside the U.S.  or the E.U. Some sports content from ESPN, for example, is only available to viewers in the United States. The BBC’s web properties, on the other hand, only provide access to certain sports events for viewers within Great Britain.

Music streaming apps are another class of apps that have adopted a slew of geographic limitations on how users can access the services. Even some productivity apps, financial apps, movie apps and networking apps will not allow people from certain countries to use the service. As a traveler, these geographic restrictions can be a great nuisance since they cut you off from your enjoyment of services you might have come to rely on in your day to day life.

Fortunately, when you use a VPN, you can often circumvent these geographic limitations and restrictions. A VPN’s ability to request web pages on your behalf enables you to hide your real I.P. address. VPN services even have the ability to let you select an I.P that is located in the same country as the service that you might be trying to access. To the end website, the traffic looks like just another user located in the country where the service is made available. With the right VPN service, therefore, you can unblock your favorite movie apps, music apps as well as other services that will make travel a more enjoyable experience.

Keeping Your Activity Private  


A VPN is not just for giving you access to your favorite entertainment on the road, however. When you browse the internet in hotels, airports and other places, your online privacy should be in the forefront of your mind. Online access logging systems can track what you have accessed, and where you have been online. This information may be innocuous in the hands of trustworthy network admins, however, it can lead to invasion of your privacy.

If you are an individual who values your online privacy, availing yourself of a VPN service will be essential for these occasions. A VPN is one of the best ways of anonymizing your online traffic.

On the road, privacy is as important as anywhere else, more so because you do not control the networks you will use. If a particular network has excessive monitoring set up on it, you could be leaving a broad digital footprint in your wake.

While you will be safe unless you are doing something illegal online, gray areas like torrenting and crypto currencies in certain jurisdictions can leave you open to prosecution. Not only so, but the inability of network operators to safeguard users’ privacy could mean that you end up spending a lot of time having to explain your online activity to authorities.

Given these great risks, you are much better off just using a VPN service to safeguard your online privacy. With a VPN, the network administrators do not know which websites you have accessed. All your traffic goes through the remote servers of the VPN service, instead of being logged at the internet service provider or local network.

To observers at the local network, you are just calling out to the servers of your VPN company, which look just like regular internet traffic. In turn, the VPN fetches for you the actual pages and data that you want. The privacy benefits of using a VPN service while traveling will greatly outweigh the cost and give you browsing peace of mind.

How LimeVPN Can Help Your Privacy And Online Security

With so many great VPN services to choose from, you might be wondering which VPN service to choose when you travel. We heartily recommend LimeVPN, one of the popular and fast VPN services that users have come to rely on around the world. There’s a reason why our users choose LimeVPN.


LimeVPN brings many great benefits that allow it to provide you a superior service in every corner of the globe. The service has servers in more than 20 VPN locations around the world. The advantage of having servers in so many locations worldwide is that this allows servers to be closer to users. When a LimeVPN user requests a web page, the servers that are nearest to the user are able to serve the request in a fraction of the time that it would take a VPN service that has not co-located servers around the world. Snappy response times for web page requests will make your browsing experience smoother. Whether you are traveling in India, Europe or Alaska, LimeVPN’s servers will be in close range, providing you a premium internet privacy experience.

Using LimeVPN greatly enhances your online privacy while you are traveling around the world. LimeVPN writes its own software and manages its own servers. This ensures that the entire technology meets stringent security requirements and avoids lapses from external contractors. In addition, the company uses strong, military-grade encryption, ensuring that data passing through the VPN service is especially free from tampering.

Still more value comes from LimeVPN’s privacy practices, including a no-logging policy. This means that pages you request and what you do with your VPN connection is entirely up to you. When you travel and use LimeVPN, you can therefore enjoy a level of online privacy that is altogether unavailable to the average internet user.

You might think that with so much to offer the traveler, LimeVPN would be a very expensive service. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that LimeVPN packs together a ton of value in some very affordably priced VPN packages.

The first option for you is the LimeVPN Basic package, which you can get for just $1.49 a month. This allows you all the security of a great VPN service, along with privacy and strong encryption. If you would like your own dedicated private VPN node and even faster network speeds, you can get the LimeVPN Pro package, which costs $14.98 a month.

Why Every Traveler Can Benefit From VPN  


In today’s world where online threats and hacks have proliferated like never before, packing a VPN makes sense for the traveler who wants a worry-free travel experience. A VPN like LimeVPN unlocks access to online services that might be blocked wherever you are in the world. Instead of disrupting your access to services you enjoy, a VPN puts in your hand all your favorite services again.

Rather than expose yourself to online monitoring when you access networks on the road, a VPN restores your online privacy. In fact, with a VPN, you will enjoy a greater level of online privacy than you would enjoy at home without a VPN. The result is less hassle from snooping individuals or authorities. Still more, a VPN is one of the best ways to safeguard yourself against the multitude of online threats such as hackers and crackers.

Before you pack for travel, you might want to avail yourself of a trustworthy VPN. Just one little thing to pack, but your travel will be so much better because of all the VPN will allow you to enjoy.