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Jessica Jones series is back on its second season. And this holds no wonder actually, owing to the tremendous success of its first season. The second season of the highly praised series debuted on March 8 which also coincides with the celebration of International Women’s Day (I will tell you later why this coincidence is significant).

If you have not watched the season 2 of the series yet, then you don’t have to worry. It has 13 episodes, just like the previous season. And this is 3 more episodes than the current trend in TV series which is 10 episodes – more seasons, more time with the characters you have grown to love! Therefore, you still have time to watch the remaining episodes (if you still haven’t).

How to Watch Jessica Jones Season 2?

Of course, this is the most recurring question – how can you watch Jessica Jones season 2? Just like the first season of this popular series, the second season is exclusively available through Netflix. So if you are a subscriber of this online streaming platform, then good for you.

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The Villain for Jessica Jones Season 2

After the Purple Man’s death on season 1, most fans of the series predicted that he will be resurrected in the second season by some miracle (a.k.a. plot twist).

Other avid viewers anticipated a cross-introduction of villains from other Marvel TV shows, such as The Defender. This would be great, really. Jessica Jones and The Defenders do belong in the same comic planet.

Watch Jessica Jones season 2

However, after the release of the season 2 trailer, and most importantly after a few episodes of Jessica Jones season 2, it is starting to become clear that there is no particular villain this season.

Jessica Jones season 2 is primarily about Jessica Jones herself – her struggles, fears, abilities, and the likes. There is an antagonist though, and if you have not watched any episodes, this will be a major spoiler. The antagonist is none other than Jessica Jones’s mother.

Wait, what? Isn’t she dead after a car accident when Jessica Jones was still a child? Apparently, she is alive and with superpowers as well. Alisa Jones – Jessica’s mother – is played by Janet McTeer, and her performance has kept the TV series from being boring.

In season 2, Jessica Jones confronts her past and perhaps she will ultimately find who she really is and what she is capable of. Although there is no real villain – no tormenter such as Kilgrave this time – the show is still interesting in a deep way.

Jessica Jones and International Women’s Day

With the hero’s interactions with her mother, the show has predominantly become a major issue in the perspective of women. This is why the release of its season 2 in time with the International Women’s Day is very significant. In season 1, Jessica Jones literally fought against male dominance, and the character embodied female empowerment so much. Thus, it is just right that the Netflix and Marvel series celebrate the International Women’s Day by opening up on the same day.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Reception and Reviews

Most viewers will agree that the first few episodes of the TV series are quite dragging. It led most of us to believe that the season 2 will be a lesser‑ and therefore a failed ‑ repeat of the very remarkable season 1.

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However, the season has developed into a very interesting one, as it tries to equal its introductory season. The critic’s consensus in Rotten Tomatoes is this:

“While Jessica Jones is a slower burn with less focus than its inaugural season, it’s enticing new character arc more fully details the most charismatic Defender.”

In Conclusion

Marvel comic book heroes are being turned into TV series heroes, to the delight of Marvel fans. Even those who are not Marvel fans are admittedly becoming hooked to TV series such as The Defender and Jessica Jones.

And the fact that Jessica Jones is now on its season 2 just proves that the fan base is growing. Although the season two of the Jessica Jones series was not off to a good start, it has developed into a noteworthy series that tackles different issues such as drug abuse and homelessness. The series further tries to tackle female-related issues such as sexual abuse, family troubles, and friendships.

Those who cannot find the show on Netflix due to certain restrictions find a practical solution in virtual private network. Restrictions – especially those that are geographical in nature – can be bypassed by using a VPN service.