How To Watch Lost in Space season 1 Online?

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Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series that is set to be released on April 13, 2018. The story is based on a 1965 TV series with the same title which ran until 1968.

This web television series is about the Robinson family who were one of the first space colonists. They were sent to space with the mission of starting a colony. They got aboard the spaceship named Jupiter 2, and for some reason, they run into a problem that led them to a planet they don’t know anything about.

Lost in Space season 1 watch Online

Basically, the family, together with other colonists, got lost in space. The Robinson family fights unknown aliens and undergoes many challenges as they try to find their way home.

The TV series though is more than just science fiction. Lost in Space is also about families and how every member should work hard to keep the family intact.  

Lost in Space Trailer

The trailer for this sci-fi television series was released on February 21, 2018, and people are already looking forward to the very first episode. The trailer itself shows everyone that this web series is not just a mere reboot of the 1965 series, but it has new elements added to it. The first season of the original series was still in black and white, so expect a lot of major and extraordinary differences.

Lost in Space makes use of modern robots and real looking aliens. The artistic and creative elements are very impressive. Although there are many major differences between the original 1965 TV show and this one, it is important to note that the central or key element in both versions is the family. This is quite refreshing as not enough TV series tackle this issue these days.

How to watch Lost in Space?

Since we got you interested in this science fiction online show, you may now be asking, how can you watch Lost in Space season 1? The show is exclusively available on the most popular online streaming platform, Netflix. If you have a Netflix subscription, then you can go ahead and stream Lost in Space season 1.

Lost in Space season 1

Unless, of course, if Lost in Space is restricted in your country, like a number of Netflix original shows which are restricted based on a user’s geographical location. For instance, if you are a Netflix subscriber in India, you might not be able to see all American TV shows because these are geo-restricted for subscribers who are physically located in the United States.

If you are a Netflix subscriber from another country, try searching for Lost in Space season 1 in your account. If you can’t find it, or if you receive a prompt message that says, “This movie is not available in your location,” then you may need to unblock the restriction with the use of a virtual private network.

You can subscribe to any VPN services such as LimeVPN, one of the best VPN service providers. With a virtual private network, you can stream Lost in Space season 1 online.

Lost in Space Characters

The web television show has some interesting characters in it, and there might be some slight deviation from the 1965 original. For the 2018 Lost in Space season one though, the main characters and the actors who played them are narrated below:

  1. Toby Stephens plays John Robinson, the commander of the space expedition.
  2. Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, John’s wife who made a major decision to bring the whole family to the expedition in a search for a new life.
  3. Ignacio Serricchio plays Don West, who has smuggles luxury goods. He becomes close to the Robinsons family.
  4. Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson, the eldest child of the Robinson’s.
  5. Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson, one of the John and Maureen’s children.
  6. Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson, the youngest of the Robinson children
  7. Parker Posey plays Dr. Smith.
  8. The Robot is still in the series, but appears in a modified, modernized form.

Will there be a Season 2?

The 1965 Lost in Space which is the basis of this Netflix series ran for three seasons, with more than 80 episodes. And the first season of the original show had twenty-nine episodes, while this time the first season will only have ten episodes. It goes without saying then that there will be a Lost in Space season2.

Well, at least sci-fi fans will be hoping for a second and third season. And Lost in Space fans are doubly hoping that what happened to the original show will not happen to this Netflix series.

Casts and crew of the 1965 series thought that there would be a fourth season, however the network channel did not push through with it. The network did not specify a reason for cancelling the TV show, but speculations point to budget constraints.

Lost in Space was very expensive to produce. Season 1 of the series reportedly had a budget of $130,980, while the final season had a budget of $164,788. The salary of actors increased and even doubled for some of the main casts. In addition, Jupiter 2 was pretty expensive. As a matter of fact, its interior was the most expensive set for a TV show during that time. It costs around $350,000.

The final episode of the third and last season aired in early 1968 with a cliffhanger. The Robinson family and the other colonists never arrived to Alpha Centauri, and they never found their way back home to Earth.

This revival of the Lost in Space series will hopefully unravel the story completely, and won’t leave viewers hanging.

In Conclusion

The journey of the Robinson family from the moment they go to space in the hope to start a new life, and then got lost in an unknown planet, up until they try to find their home, is worth watching and following. Viewers will be treated with modern and real-looking effects.

Aside from the effects and the thrill of the challenges, the show will hopefully teach us the one thing that is starting to fall apart in this modern times: that family is still important and relevant.

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