How to watch UFC Live – Don’t Miss a Single Fight!

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What is UFC?

Well, you probably know already what UFC is since you’re here, looking for ways to watch UFC live, especially when its kickoff is just around the corner. The quick answer is that you need to use a private network, and we will get to the details in a few moments. But for those who are new to this, what exactly is UFC?

Fighters of UFC Championship

Short for Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC is a mixed-martial arts platform for fighting. It holds “fight nights” among the world’s greatest mixed martial arts fighters, weight being the determining category. The different weight categories are:

  • Strawweight (up to 115 pounds)
  • Flyweight (over 115 pounds to 125)
  • Bantamweight (over 125 to 135 pounds)
  • Women’s Bantamweight (over 125 to 135 pounds)
  • Featherweight (over 135 to 145 pounds)
  • Lightweight (over 145 to 155 pounds)
  • Welterweight (over 155 to 170 pounds)
  • Middleweight (over 170 to 185 pounds)
  • Light Heavyweight (over 185 to 205 pounds)
  • Heavyweight (over 205 to 265 pounds)

The series of UFC fight nights are held in different places all over the world, with around forty or more fights each year. UFC started in the year 1993 in the United States of America, but over the years, it has also become popular and in demand all around the world, with millions of followers already.

Fighters such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Anderson Silva, and George St. Pierre are just a few who have become household names, even to those who are not fans of MMA fighting.

How to Watch UFC Live?

how to watch ufc live with vpn


You may be one of the millions of UFC fans, which is why you are here. So for the fun part, let us explore how you can watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship live, without missing any fight.

Of course, you can watch certain fights at several TV networks which officially broadcast UFC fights. Examples of which are BT Sport in the United Kingdom, FightNetwork in Canada, Match TV in Russia, Viaplay in Sweden and Denmark, and OSN in the Middle East, just to name a few.

However, the problem with these TV networks is that they don’t broadcast all UFC fight nights. There are certain UFC blackout limitations in most countries except for Indonesia, Japan and Korea, for instance. When you say that there’s no UFC fights blackout restrictions, it simply means that in that particular country (Korea and Japan being perfect examples), all fights are aired and broadcasted.

Therefore, in order to avoid missing any UFC fight nights, you have to be in Korea or Japan or any country that has no blackout restrictions. And the good news is that you can actually trick UFC into thinking that you are physically located in those countries – or any country for that matter. This is made possible if you sign up with a Virtual Private Network or VPN provider such as LimeVPN.

There are so many VPN service providers, but make sure to check out the following criteria to ensure that your need of watching UFC live can be met:

  • The VPN provider must have several servers in different countries around the world. To watch UFC live fight nights, the provider must have servers particularly in Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and other countries that don’t have blackout restriction. You will then connect to one of the servers in these countries so that your IP address will tell UFC that you are physically in those countries.
  • The VPN provider you choose must employ heavy encryption to make sure that your streaming remains private. A good virtual private network provider makes use of military-grade encryption to ensure that your activities are not vulnerable even to seasoned hackers and trackers.

These are just a couple of tips that will help you choose a VPN service provider so that you can watch upcoming UFC fights.

Interesting Facts About UFC

Facts about UFC Live

And since we are already on the topic of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, let us learn some interesting facts about this fascinating MMA fighting competition, some of which you may already know if you are really a fan.

  • Rounds.  A round in a UFC fight does not go over five minutes each, with one minute of break in between. Unlike boxing, the number of rounds during a UFC fight differs. The more important a UFC fight is, the more rounds there are. For example, championship fights as well as main events during non-championship matches will have five rounds. Ordinary fights, on the other hand, will only have three rounds.
  • Rules. When the UFC started in mid-1990’s, its tagline was “There are no rules!”. And indeed, fighters had the freedom to use any fighting styles, leading to a more frenzied and violent show, as compared to boxing or wrestling. However, even though it was initially promoted as having no rules, it is actually regulated by the Nevada Athletic Commission since the year 2001. A complete list of the contest rules and regulation can be found here.
  • The Octagon. One of the rules of the UFC is that the “Mixed martial arts contests and exhibitions may be held in a ring or in a fenced area.” Thus, the Octagon was born. It is an eight-sided, 750-square foot fighting area which is 30 feet in width and 6 feet in height. The name Octagon can only be used exclusively by the UFC as it is protected by a trademark.
  • The Octagon Girls. What are referred to as round girls in boxing or wrestling are called Octagon Girls in MMA fights. Like round girls, they carry the number that represents what round it is and go around the outside part of the Octagon. The top three Octagon Girls of all time are Chrissy Blair, Rachelle Leah, and Vanessa Hanson.
  • Fatalities. Mixed martial arts fighting contests are evidently more violent than its counterpart sports such as wrestling and boxing. There have been deaths in unsanctioned and amateur fights, but so far, there have been none in the UFC. The referees are there to prevent this from happening.

In Conclusion

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts fighting contest, is becoming more and more popular over the years. And this is not happening in the United States only, but also all over the world. Violence that is under control can be a factor in attracting millions of fans. But whatever the reason is, many people want to watch every UFC fight nights.

UFC fight pass blackouts, however, makes this impossible unless you are watching from non-blacked countries such as Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. The only workaround this problem is getting a VPN so that you can connect to a server in one of those countries, and watch UFC live.