How to watch Santa Clarita Diet season 2 online?

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One of the most popular comedy series that’s available for online streaming is back on its second season. We are talking about the Santa Clarita Diet Netflix series which has made millions of people laugh, cringe, and cover their eyes all at the same time during its first season.

And since Santa Clarita Diet season2 was released on March 23, 2018, it looks like quite a lot of people are into dark, gory, albeit funny scenes. So if you are one the thousands of individuals who stream santa Clarita diet, then the release of the show’s season 2 is a good news for you.

If you have not watched episodes of the second season yet, you better hurry because this season only has ten episodes. This is the standard length of most online streaming platforms, though. Nonetheless, season 2 of the Santa Clarita Diet series will satisfy your appetite for grotesque and quirky scenes topped with severed body parts.

How to Watch Santa Clarita Season2?

This is the most important question of all– how can you watch Santa Clarita Diet season2? Well, like the first season of this popular series, the second season is exclusively available through Netflix. Thus, if you are one of the thousands of Netflix subscribers, then you won’t have any problem watching this dark comedy show at all.

Unless, of course, if Santa Clarita Diet is restricted in your country, like many of Netflix original shows which are only available in certain countries such as the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Watch your favourite Santa Clarita Diet season 2

If you are a Netflix subscriber from another country, try searching for Santa Clarita Diet season 2 in your account. If it doesn’t turn up, or if you receive a prompt or notification to the tune of “Sorry, this movie is not available in your country,” then it means that the show is geo-blocked or geo-restricted.

To those who are having trouble watching Santa Clarita Diet season 2 watch online, then you can find the solution by subscribing to any VPN services such as LimeVPN, one of the best VPN service providers. With a virtual private network, you can stream Santa Clarita Diet online season2.

Santa Clarita Diet Storyline

The Santa Clarita Diet series is basically the story of a married couple‑ Sheila Hammond (played by Drew Barrymore) and Joel Hammond (played by Timothy Oliphant). The couple lives in Santa Clarita, California, a quaint and scenic town seemingly suitable for the couple who were clearly meant for each other.

Sheila and Joel Hammond lived a happy life with their daughter until Sheila died after vomiting so violently. However, Sheila did not disappear at all. She came back to life as a zombie – hungry for human flesh.

Despite this weird turn of events, the couple still tried their best to make their marriage work. And this involved Joel, the husband, helping to kill other people so that his wife can eat.

Ultimately, the series of killings (and consumption of body parts) almost broke Joel’s mentality. The last part of the show’s season 1, however, gave him hope as they discover that there is a cure to Sheila’s zombie-like disease.

What’s In Store for Season 2?

In Santa Clarita Diet Season2, we will know if the cure works, or if the husband and wife tandem actually found the cure. We will also see Joel having a mental breakdown – even to the point of being confined in a mental institution.

Expect more missing persons in the Santa Clarita neighborhood as the Hammonds family tries to find a cure to the virus that has infected Sheila, and also as they try to stop the virus from infecting other people.

Although there are gruesome scenes involved – okay, more than horrid scenes, actually, with Sheila eating and chewing body parts with blood all over her face and hands – the show resounds to everyone in that every relationship has its own set of challenges.

Ever found a couple who haven’t fought at all? We think not. Thus, even though real life problems that most couple deal with does not involve murder and eating your victims’ body parts, the most important thing is to try to work things out together as a couple and as a family. Perhaps, this is really what the storyline of the Santa Clarita Diet TV series is all about, and we must all learn from it (not the murders and body part eating, to be clear).

Season 2 Characters

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The main characters of the series are the following:

  • Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond, the zombie wife of Joel and mother of Abby
  • Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond, Sheila’s husband
  • Liv Hewson as Abby Hammond, the young and rebellious daughter of Sheila and Joel
  • Skyler Gisondo as Eric Bemis, son of the Hammonds’ neighbor, Dan and Lisa who has a crush on Abby. His stepdad, Dan, was eaten by Sheila during the first season.

Some important recurring characters are:

  • Richard T Jones as Rick, a police officer, a neighbor of the Hammonds and a friend of Joel.  
  • Mary Elizabet Ellis as Lisa Palmer, Eric’s mother and dead Dan’s wife.
  • Joy Osmanski as Alondra, Rick’s wife.

The Santa Clarita Diet season2 also has new characters:

  • Zachary Knighton as Paul, a descendent of the Knights of Serbia, whose job was to put an end to the zombie outbreak.
  • Jaee Young Han as Marsha, Paul’s wife who is helping him with the mission.
  • Matt Shively as Christian, Abby and Eric’s schoolmate.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Reception and Reviews

The reception of the first season of the Santa Clarita Diet is quite good, thereby warranting a second season. Admittedly, the dark and funny comedy series is not for everyone – definitely not for children. But for adults who have the stomach for it, then the show is a hit. As USA Today’s Robert Blanco aptly puts it:

Death as it appears in all its gory glory in Netflix’s sparkling new comedy Santa Clarita Diet can also be a stomach-wrenching experience. But for those who can muscle through, the reward is one of the most joyous, hilariously dark comedies to come our way in many a season.

Kevin Fallon of The Daily Beast describes Santa Clarita Diet best:

Santa Clarita Diet is gross. It’s also very good.”

But there are those who are not happy with the series though. Collider’s Chris Cabin says,

Mind you, vomit can be very funny; it’s just not funny here. Neither is 99% of what goes on in each episode, but there’s a potent sense of bemusement to everything, a fakeness bordering on overt coyness.”

In Conclusion

The reception and reviews of the Santa Clarita Diet Netflix series is mixed. There are people who like it in all its gory details, and there are people who are repelled by the same goriness. We did say that the Netflix show is not for everyone. But if you like dark comedy, then the show is worth watching.

You can watch or stream Santa Clarita diet online with LimeVPN without any problem at all. We do have one advice though: just don’t watch it while eating.