We have added 10 new servers with even better speed and connectivity

Here at LimeVPN we love feedback and work constantly towards improving our products and service based on what our customers and potential customers have to say.

We’ve heard you out and have just added 10 new servers that provide even better speed and connectivity.

Here are our latest additions:

1. UK (London): uk8.limevpn.com

2. California : USCA2.limevpn.com

3. Chicago : USCH1.limevpn.com

4. Dallas : USDA1.limevpn.com

5. Germany : eu05.limevpn.com

6. Los Angeles : usla2.limevpn.com

7. New york : usny3.limevpn.com

8. Mumbai : in2.limevpn.com

9. London : uk3.limevpn.com

10. Atlanta : us11.limevpn.com

The protocols that are supported on this server are PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEther and L2TP. 

We’re very excited for you to try out the new servers and hope you will be as impressed with the quality as we are!

Let us know what you think!