What Are Bitcoins Worth Today?

Bitcoins Worth Today

It’s no surprise, this cryptocurrency or worldwide payment system is at its peak in today’s markets. You want to know… What is Bitcoins Worth Today? Will it actually keep improving?

According to The Statistic Portal – the bitcoin value index for the end of April 2018 is amounted to 9 244.32 US Dollars.

Just recently, the Bitcoin prices have increase with more than 500 US dollars in 24 hrs pushing the entire market up – while, all cryptocurrencies have risen up  with Ethereum going up by 7.74% percent trade at $586 US Dollars.

As it appears, the cryptocurrency recovered from a stormy first quarter in which it lost more than 50% percent of its markets in the last 3 months. You shouldn’t panic because, recent results for the month will give bitcoin currency its first back-to-back weekly gain in the coming weeks according to – Bitcoin Price News.

Will Bitcoin Currency Keep Improving?Bitcoins Worth

Bitcoins are worth more than you think. But you find most people have even gone beyond saying vile things like: “bitcoins will have value until another cryptocurrency replaces it’. This is absurd cause, they basically comparing bitcoin to a playstation 3 console that lost its value soon after the introduction of playstation 4.

Fortunately whoever came up with such despicable theory is wrong. Why do l say such?..

For starters, bitcoin currency is a protocol not a tangible good  meaning… it can be updated and improved over time.

So, the idea that a new cryptocurrency will takeover and weaken the bitcoin currency and markets is a fictional, alien theory because, any technological improvements can be incorporated in the bitcoin currency and markets.

By the way we’ve all noticed software’s are improving. So as bitcoins…

This cryptocurrency is just as equivalent to Amazon.com which was invented on the 5th of July 1994 by Jeff Bezos while its main services at that time was selling books but now it’s the – world’s third largest information and technology company by revenue.

The focal point here is Bitcoins value, market and its currency will keep improving every year just as companies like Amazon, Google have kept improving in recent years.

Bitcoin prices

Bitcoins Worth chart

Bitcoin prices are essential when it come to what they are worth today.

According to studies conducted by Luno, bitcoins like gold are scarce…  its supply is limited. Did you know? They are currently over 16.2 million bitcoins in circulation and the maximum that is expected to exist is 21 million.

So, in order to for your bitcoins prices to have value, they must simply be useful.

Just as gold, bitcoin value is exchangeable, it is divisible meaning – you can pay someone a small fraction of bitcoin if you want to.

However it’s important to note, the price of bitcoin is not the same as its value. This is because price is determined by the market in which it trades by means of supply and demand. Basically it’s the same way a bag of orange in the supermarket, your second-hand Xbox 1 and just about everything is determined.

“But, why does the bitcoin price change so often?”

In the cryptocurrency market, this is called volatility. In simple terms – this is when a rate at which the price of a security increases or decreases for a certain amount for a given set of returns.

According to studies conducted by Luno, it’s not only the bitcoin exchange rates that seem to change from day today. The price of many things such as: stocks, oil, currencies and many other products can be quite volatile… moving up and down against the base currency.

With that said, what is bitcoin worth today will it mostly be determined by the volatility of its market and…

Did u know? The volatility of bitcoin has consistently been going down and it has become much more stable in recent times.

Use VPN for bitcoin transactions

I think we can all agree… the world of cryptocurrency is at its peak considering how many people are invested in it and how fast.

However, you may need to be watchful of cyber-breaks that are common nowadays in order to prepare tackling such situations.

For example, you may have invested a lot of money in new hardware for bitcoin mining and then just as life comes with full of surprises… a ridiculous error happens and you lose it all. You’d go mad, boil with anger but none of that would bring your valuable money back.

Fortunately you can avoid all that drama and catastrophe by simply installing and using VPN.

You can actually install and use VPN on all your devices whether it be: your Smartphone, tablet or laptop every time you online.

If you are curious how VPN works to protect your money and information. Let me shade a let for you.

For starters, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it gives you a secure network inside your network.

As a bitcoin user, you can benefit from a VPN.  For example, there are occasions when you need to use public Wi-Fi. This may be when you are eating out in McDonald’s then decide to connect to McDonald’s unlimited always on Wi-Fi or any other restaurant of your preference. These places are always targets for online carnivals or scammers that are looking for ways to get hold your information and money.

Another important benefit of using VPN is that: it will help you move your IP so that it is not in the same place for a long time. This is an important factor when you are mining bitcoins meaning – you can even change the country were the  session is being carried out then you can link to other websites which maybe location locked.

To your rescue, there are a lot of quality VPN service providers out there such as: EXPRESSVPN, NORDBPN, CYBERGHOST, AVAST, LIMEVPN etc. All of these VPN service – providers can surely provide quality service and you would never have to worry about cyber scammers waiting to hack your bitcoin investments and personal information.