What is bloatware and how can you remove it?

What is bloatware and how can you remove it

Have you felt your system slow down continuously during your regular activities?

Are you aware of the softwares that are built in your system?

Not many can confidently answer the latter question because the reason being multiple softwares are installed in your system without your knowledge. These softwares are harmful and can cause a risk when you use them.

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Living in 2020, the one thing that is a must to do for all users is to increase the security level for any of the devices they use to access the online world. It could be your laptop, tablet and even your PC.

Even a minute’s miss of knowledge about harmful softwares in your system can cause huge damage even before you know it which is why this article is created to help you understand what are those softwares and how you can eliminate them on your devices.

Meaning of Bloatware

The scenario you’ve read above is exactly what bloatware is. Bloatware is softwares that are not needed for your system. They are harmful and can cause damage to your activities when you use them on your devices. 

The reason why you have it is that it comes installed with your hardware. 

That is true and the reason to do it could be multiple such as the software developer would have been paid to conduct such an action to help the manufacturer, the software would be present to capture data from you and also it may enter with upgrades and add ons.

Bloatware doesn’t just reach you with its installed software there are other ways it can enter your system such as when you access the web. It can enter when you download any third-party pages or you have accessed any malicious websites without you even knowing. 

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Do you know why you need to avoid Bloatware?

Because it can eat away your daily activities. It can reduce your RAM usage when you run any of your daily activities. This will cause your actions to slow down and make it difficult for you to function properly. Also, at times, this software as mentioned earlier can grasp your information. 

For instance, a hacker can easily collect your data and use it for his or her activities which could be illegal and harmful. 

While bloatware seems very harmful, however, there are a few of them that can be efficient and good for you. They can help you in your activities as well as can be easily removed. To name a few are control centers and media suites.

Apart from this healthy bloatware, there is also a risk attached with the other types of bloatware that are harmful to your system which is why eliminating them at the earliest is the wisest decision to conduct. 

Elimination of Bloatware


1. Windows 10

  • Head to ‘App and Features’ and click on ‘App Installer’. Select ‘Uninstall’ (this works for pre-installed games, financial and sports news app)
  • Head to ‘Windows search bar’, type in ‘Powershell’ and select ‘Windows Powershell’. Run it as administrator and remember that only ‘Powershell’ DISM command’ can help to delete the software completely. However, this is applicable for certain programs only
  • Head to ‘Recovery’ and conduct the recovery option. Ensure that you have nothing to lose because it can swipe away your contents or licenses. Again this is applicable to eliminate only downloaded programs
  • Invest in a bloat-free PC whereas listed above you can either uninstall the softwares or invest in a software that doesn’t indulge in a third party. 

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2. MacOs Mojave

  • Head to the ‘Applications’ section
  • Click on ‘Get Info’ and select an app
  • Hit ‘Sharing and Permissions’
  • Select the ‘Lock icon’ and enter your admin password
  • Make your ‘Read and Write’ option accessible to anyone so that you can cut away the bloatware
  • Ensure that you can also delete everything completely with SIP (System Integrity Protection) but it can bring your system more risks with malware

3. Android

  • Head to ‘Applications’ section
  • Hit ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Apps and Notifications’
  • Disable any apps you wish to eliminate
  • Hit the ‘Disable’ option after selection of the apps
  • The apps won’t affect your RAM but it won’t also be removed completely from your system as it will be stored on your storage space

4. Invest in a phone with lesser bloatware

There are many smartphones available in the market such as Google Pixel that indulge in delivering a complete Android experience. Invest in them so that you are risk-free with the activities that you conduct.

5. Conduct Rooting activities

To conduct the removal of tough bloatware applications, rooting your phone would be the better option. However, rooting your phone can make your apps less prone to function can also lose away your phone warranty. But despite this all, if you conduct rooting, it will give you the admin status and let you do what you want to do with your device such as what apps you want to keep or eliminate accordingly.

6. Investing in app removal programs

There are many applications available where you can use them to remove the bloatware apps but again it will require you to conduct the rooting activity stated above. In case you want to conduct such activities with this tool, ensure that you are aware of all the consequences and of the app.

7. iOS

  • Head to ‘Settings’- ‘General’ and ‘iPhone Storage’
  • Select the Apps from the list displayed
  • Hit the option ‘Offload’ or ‘Delete’ App
  • However, this can also cause consequences because Apple wouldn’t support their service to you and also there are chances of your device coming into contact with malware

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8. Download softwares from original sources

It is better that you can download what softwares you require right from the source. Avoid indulging any third parties. Also, don’t download the softwares in bundles or bulk. Bloatware can also be hidden in it. 

The Bottom Line…

The online world is filled with hackers waiting to pounce on any opportunity being provided to them. Bloatware is one such kind.

Refrain this from happening by taking the precautions as listed above and also to access anything you wish to, via the online platform it is wise to conduct the action using a reliable VPN service.

With a VPN service, no risks are being attached about your identity and it safeguards and secures your online action better. 

So, when are you planning to eliminate your bloatware softwares? Also, when are you going to use a VPN to commence your online activities securely?