How to hide and change the IP address with VPN?

The term IP (Internet Protocol) address is not that to understand. We commonly hear that every computer has a unique IP address. Let us drill into some details to understand this concept.

The IP address is a unique piece of detail that each computer has when it is connected to a network. How can you determine the IP address of a computer? If you have a computing background, open command prompt (CMD) and follow the needed steps. However, non-technical users also need to know it to communicate with internet service providers, register for online gaming slots and performing other tasks.

Table of Content

1 . Functioning of a VPN 

2. Connecting to preferred locations

3. Are VPN tools easy to operate?

You can use a What is my IP tool on Prepostseo to get the accurate address. You can find several such tools on the internet and select a reliable one.

This tool shows the actual IP address as soon as its interface is loaded successfully. However, at times, certain IP addresses are barred from connecting to a network. A lot of these restrictions are applied on country wide basis. For instance, consider that an online selling store is based in Australia and only allows local residents to make purchases.

If someone living in UK browses for the store and tries to make purchases, he would not be able to do so. This is because he would be connecting from a UK based network. This is where the concept of VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes into play

Functioning of a VPN 


To know about the basics of a VPN, you do not need to be a telecommunication expert. In simple terms, it is a tool that hides the actual IP address of the computer and replaces it with a permissible one. Let us re-consider the example of the Australian e-commerce store mentioned above, the buyer from UK would be able to connect to the network. This is because his IP address would be converted to an Australian one. In other words, his actual IP address will be hidden when he sends a connection request.

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Let us have a look at some uses of VPN tools 

1 . Connecting to gaming and social networking websites

At times, social networking websites are not permitted by employers. The IP addresses are listed down so that users using any of them may not be able to access the website. However, these restrictions will be removed if the address is changed. You can expect a good VPN tool to do this.

– The first step which any of these tools perform is called IP address mapping. The original one is converted to one that does not have permission issues. If you are connecting to a website that permits American IP addresses only from UK, your address would be mapped to a US network. As a result, the network will not be able to view the original one. In this way, you would gain access to the required network.

– These tools are also used by professional gamers when they wish to connect to limited access networks. As they have permission issues, only selective users can join. A good VPN tool makes things easy for them. It converts their IP address due to which the connection gets established without any problem. 

2. Protecting original IP address from threats

Do you know that network based attacks can result in the most dangerous viruses entering your computer? Every network that we connect to is not completely safe. When we browse the internet, countless pop-ups appear on our screen. More than half of them are a mode of hacking. Even well-known gaming websites can be used for internet based attacks.  However, anyone who wishes to send malicious information would track your IP address. A good VPN tool would help you in this case.

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 – This tool hides the actual address of the computer and replaces it with a mapped one. Hence, if you are based in USA but your IP address is mapped to an Australian one, even a networking expert would say that you are present in Australia.

Connecting to preferred locations


It is important to find a reliable VPN tool that does the job and matches user preferences. Some tools map the IP address to the quickest server. This option does not suit users who prefer to connect to the server of a specific country. Thus, users should compare tools and make a selection according to what their requirements are.

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Are VPN tools easy to operate?


Some software tools are simple to use while the others have complications attached to them. Such soft wares can only be used by people with abundant software knowledge. However, the same cannot be said about VPN tools because they are very easy to use. If you don’t have past networking knowledge or skills, you can still use them easily. At most, you would have to specify the location you wish to connect to. This is a simple drop down menu for which you do not need a lot of abilities.


The purpose of a VPN tool is quite simple to understand. It replaces the actual IP address with one that can be used to connect to the desired network. In some cases, it is not safe to use the original one due to safety issues. All networks are not safe so if your system protection is not up to the mark, virus and other harmful constituents can cause damages.

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VPN soft wares help you in connecting with networks that have country based limitations. A web store may only be allowing people of the same country to register accounts. The filtration would be done on the basis of IP addresses. By using one of these tools, you can alter the address and connect to the network without any kind of barriers. 

One of the common uses is connecting to social media websites when the network has permission problems. Through a changed IP address, you would be able to bypass the restrictions and get connected.