Why you need a VPN when you travel next?

VPN for Travel

Traveling whether it’s for an adventure or for business meetings, the need to use the Internet is mandatory.

Let’s say that you have a flight to catch and on reaching the airport, you’ve realized that your flight has been delayed for a whole 2 hours. The number might seem small but the amount of waiting time it holds isn’t easy to cross.

Like the crowd, you would take the assistance of your internet to help you pass away time, but what happens when the websites or sources you want to see are restricted or blocked?

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2. Benefits of having a VPN when traveling?

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What if the lounge you’re waiting in provides free WIFI, how confident are you to use it for checking your personal details?

The internet has created a long road of convenience for any user to get what they want but with the high growth of online crimes, the number of restrictions planted is numerous such as location restrictions and much more.

But living in 2020, this issue which has been there for a long time does have a solution to it. With technology growing, developing and introducing unique solutions, there is one such solution that you can apply whenever you set your foot out to travel beyond your own location.

VPN is one such kind.

What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Its existence is to provide a protective shield for users who depend on the internet for longer. A VPN acts as a strong wall that prevents any harmful risks from entering your network.

For instance, say you are a freelancer or a remote worker and have a project work to be completed and the information you need online is not sufficient. You conduct more research only to find that a few of the relevant sources are blocked. 

What do you do?

You can’t stop your work just because of your traveling to some other place. Here is when a VPN can help you. With a VPN you can get access to all the restricted websites without having to share your actual location. So say if you want to are in London and want to access some information in France, you can do that.

As a person who travels a lot, the internet is exactly what will get you wherever you want. Whether it is accessing a program or just researching, a VPN can help you conduct all of that without any efforts placed. 

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Do you know a VPN makes this happen?

What a VPN would do is a public network in order to connect users together. It makes uses of virtual network connections that will route via the internet from a particular private network or a third party to the users.

What is great is that a VPN ensures that you can conduct any online activity you want when traveling and no one even knows that it’s you from a different location.

Isn’t it great?

VPN can make your traveling easier and above all make it much more convenient for you to conduct all your online activities?

Need more reasons to love it?

Let’s get the information straight.

Benefits of having a VPN when traveling?

1. Secures from ‘Free’ internet

When you are waiting for your flight, have you ever looked at your phone and wanted to connect to the free internet the Wifi is providing?

All of us have done that. In fact, the words ‘free’ are a great trigger to make users like you to tap into their network and commence your activities online.  Be it a hotel WIFI or the airport, none of these networks are safe.

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You heard that right.

All of these are simply not secure to use as it is an easy way for hackers to walk in and ruin their activities. To prevent this from happening connecting to a VPN will help. All you need to do is choose which VPN service you want to opt for, download it on your desktop and connect with it by sharing your location. 

2. Access any blocked sources

There are certain rules a country holds, for instance, maybe Facebook is banned in particular countries, so what happens when you land there? 

You use a VPN to access Facebook. With a VPN you could put your country location and access Facebook. No one will ever know that you are in a location that bans the use of such a platform. Apart from Facebook, any other sources are also liable to help you access any information you need without any risks being attached.

3. Spare the bank freezes

Did you know that if you try to access your bank details in some other location, there are chances that it can be considered as suspicious activities and your bank can freeze your account? 

Say if you are on a vacation or are traveling for educational or work purposes, it would be wise to not let the above situation happen to you. It would be great if you conduct such actions using a VPN because it would be more secure. Your bank would be under the impression that you are still in the country and will conduct your transactions smoothly.

4. Keep your online activities hidden

Privacy is loved by everyone but how many actually have it?

The fact is today you might conduct some activity online, there are chances that it has been viewed or stored by another party. You wouldn’t even have a clue. Whether it is your messages, emails you send or you just checking your personal information, privacy for such actions matter.

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This is exactly why using a VPN while conducting such actions is safe. It would be easier for you to secure your browsing activities without having to feel like someone is watching you.

5. Puts you away from Price targeting

Have you wondered why the price of a flight is, more expensive when your location is different? That’s what happens in the trade. When you want to check for flight prices, the website immediately tracks your location and give you price according to that.

For instance, for one flight instead of paying just $20, you would be paying $35 which is too much. Use a VPN when you are conducting such an action. You can select the location you wish and find the prices of the flights you wish to travel on. 

6. Get on Netflix

Who doesn’t like Netflix and chill?

But with the restrictions, there isn’t any Netflix nor any chilling. For instance, in the USA Netflix, there are programs in which only the USA based users can view it. So if you move out of USA you wouldn’t be able to view any of those programs.

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Let this not happen to you for any location for that matter. Start using a VPN and access any Netflix you like without any worries. You can set your location of USA and once Netflix reads it you are signed in. 

7. Research anything you like

Need to complete an assignment? Need to get over with a project?

Anything you like can be done with the help of a VPN. With a VPN you are free to conduct any of your work activities without any hassles. You are free to access any information or data you need. You can even extend your learning about multiple things without any restrictions.

Now that you are developing a likely interest in the benefits a VPN can offer you, let this article make your work easier by listing out the top VPNs you can use to make your traveling activities much more easier.

Top 3 VPNs to indulge in while traveling

1. Limevpn


  • 10 GBPS high speed
  • Unlimited VPN
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 8 VPN protocols
  • No 3rd party
  • Zero loggings



2. ExpressVPN


  • Military Grade encryption
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Great customer support assistance
  • Quicker in its actions
  • Supports popular streaming websites such as Netflix and more



3. NordVPN


  • Unblocks geo-restricted sites especially in China
  • No storage of user data
  • Has an OpenVPN protocol
  • Offers customizable service



The Bottom Line…

VPNs are now your ultimate solution to all your internet related traveling issues.

But before you can head to investing in one there are a few requirements you need to understand. Firstly, never run behind the ‘free’ VPN because it does sound exciting but the list of drawbacks is more such as slow internet speeds and low-quality security.

Secondly invest in a paid VPN that offers more security and other features that can help you to enhance your VPN performances better. Investing in such a solution is better because in 2020 the users such as you have become accustomed to the internet world and a restriction shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love.

If traveling across the globe gives you immense happiness, using a VPN supports you in your online activities to make your journeys better.

So where are you heading off to next? Where are you planning to use your VPN service?