Yes, your e-reader tracks you, too. Here’s what to do about it.

e-reader tracks

Do you love reading?

The books that you used to get from the library and then you soon started to purchase more books and finally when the rise in e-reader grew popular, the love for reading multiple stories compelled individuals like you to purchase the device. 

Today almost all the book lovers have an e-reader with them because it is so easy to read. You can charge the device and then go on to read so many stories. It is light weighted and so easy to get started with.

All you need to do is sign in and have your account and you can get started.

Sadly, your sign-ins and other details shared in that e-reader are tracking you right now. In fact with that information, the hackers could be conducting illegal actions planned on their list.


You’re sharing your information online that consists of multiple details such as your name, contact details, location, and more. This can cause you identity theft and more.

Luckily for you, we can help get you out of this tracking business and bring you towards a more secure reading environment with this article.

What to expect?

1 . How is your e-reader tracking you?

2. How to prevent e-reader from tracking you with a VPN service?

Let’s get started. 

How is your e-reader tracking you?


Your e-reader lets you conduct multiple actions with just one device.

You can buy books, renew your subscriptions, choose for books, download them and do so much more.

Now while you do all this your e-reader is keeping a track of all the actions and with your actions, a lot can be revealed about you.

Let’s understand this with an example:

With your purchase history, a hacker can track down your bank details and pretend it is you can capture the money in your account. With your contact details, the hacker can use that to frame it as you and conduct multiple illegal actions.

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Also with your location details, the hacker can get a better understanding of who you are and steal your identity without your knowledge.

The online world was supposed to be a safe place that could contain multiple information without any restrictions but today if you want to engage online, there is a risk attached to it. 

Also with the growth in technology, hackers’ actions are getting more and more smart by the day. ‘’Malicious hackers are now attacking computers and networks at a rate of one attack every 39 seconds.’’

This is serious, so does this mean that you need to stop with the e-reader?

We believe that if technology has given you unique solutions, there is one solution that can help you secure your e-reader actions better.

The ideal solution to secure your e-reader would be to switch on the Wifi, but that isn’t going to help you on a larger scale, instead, you need to invest in a solution that can secure your e-reader better from the smart hackers, which is exactly what our next category will explain you in detail. 

How a VPN service can eliminate e-reader tracking?


VPNs are a great solution and the most reliable solution when it comes to eliminating any tracking taking place online. This is a strong solution that will require if you wish to read securely on your e-reader.

Let’s understand this solution in depth. 

VPN stands for virtual private network. It conducts a secure process of ensuring that your IP address is being hidden when you conduct any online actions.

Let’s understand the concept of IP address better.

An IP address is a number that you and anyone will have that will help detect where your computer location is. For instance, say that you want to access a website and you do that with your IP address, it will detect your location and give you the access. 

You can find out about your IP address by heading to the search bar on your search engine and typing, what is my IP address? 

Your unique number will appear.

Now as stated earlier, the statement mentioned was that IP addresses get blocked, this happens because say you want to access a website but to do that you need to be in that country for example Australia. Now since you are in Germany, you will not be able to access that website as it is only applicable for Australia users.

This will result in access being denied or your IP address getting blocked.

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Understanding this, securing your IP address and ensuring that it doesn’t get blocked is what you need to prioritise. Whenever you visit any websites to read on your e-reader and you can’t access it, your IP getting blocked shouldn’t be an issue. 

VPNs are used by multiple brands as well to ensure that their online actions are being secured. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

You can serve your prospects better by finding out better information about them. This means surfing from websites and other sources that are restricted and without being caught, thanks to the support of the VPN service you choose.

e-reader tracks

What a VPN would do is it would let you access any information you want by hiding your IP address and giving you another IP address that will suit the requirements of accessing that information. For instance, maybe the information you want is only allowing those users who are residing in London.

So what the VPN would do is it would give you an IP address which will tell your location as London. That is exactly how you will continue to operate with this service. It will continue to hide your real identity and keep you safe from any online activity you wish to conduct.

Another reason why VPNs are better for you especially when it comes to e-reader security is it helps to encrypt your traffic which means no one can see what your actions are. They will only be able to see that you are VPN connected but nothing more. 

There are millions of reasons why investing in a VPN is better for your online security, to name a few are:

1. Provides online anonymity

Your business is growing and at this point how much you can research about your prospects, strategies you can apply, and more will be beneficial for your business. But not all the information you see online is available, there are some websites that are restricted which is why using a VPN is important. 

A VPN will hide your anonymity online and ensure that no one knows that it is you who is trying to access information from a restricted source. This is important because your employees can easily work on studying and understanding the prospects better, they will be able to conduct research on successful brands to enhance your business and more.

With a VPN this process becomes easy and holds no restriction for growth.

2. Network performance

Your network performance will improve soon after you start using a VPN service. What happens is ISPs (internet service providers) consume so much bandwidth as they try to control the traffic. This will indirectly slow down your business network which will hence impact your employee’s actions.

What a VPN does is it encrypts your traffic, pushing you away from anything that could slow down your work activities.

There are multiple brands in the market that are selling great VPN service, but before you head away to invest in them, there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind so that you can purchase the right one. 

How to choose the right VPN service for your business?


1. Invest in a paid VPN

Everybody likes a free service but with a free service comes security checks which are not available. Hence it is important that you invest in a VPN service that is paid and offers a good number of services for you with the pricing stated.

2. Good security

The security matters in any VPN service so you need to ensure that you are investing in a VPN service that offers great security measures. You could opt for 256-bit encryption as that is standard in the VPN industry. Remember security matters and that is exactly what you need to prioritize.

3. Faster speed

You are going to use your VPN service for multiple activities as stated above such as research and more and if your VPN slows down, it will only affect your work. Ensure that the VPN service you invest in is good for any activities you conduct.

4. A good support team

There will be instances where you might experience a problem with your VPN. Immediate assistance can help you get back to work quicker instead of having delays. Invest in a VPN service provider that is going to assist you as and when you need them.

5. No logging policy

VPN service providers do store your internet activity and can do a lot with it. To eliminate this from happening ensure you understand what information is being stored and if you’re not comfortable ask for a no-logging policy. This will keep your internet activities safe from every point. 

The Bottom Line…

You need to be secure whenever you conduct any action online. 

Luckily, solutions such as the VPNs are present to eliminate you from the risks attached and give you a better experience online. 

So tell us, what did you think of this article? What caught your attention in the article? Were you surprised at the information? We would love to hear your opinion on the topic.

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